Month: November 2016

Incredible Advantages Of Image Clipping

Have you ever thought why the images shared on magazines and websites leave you mesmerized? Why you are much attracted to photos, hoardings, and celebrity prospers? The answer to your questions is the magic of image clipping that converts these photos from imperfect to attractive ones. Photo clipping improves the beauty of any image, be […]

Why Businesses Should Invest In Photo Editing

Almost all major businesses or companies invest in high quality images, as they play a key role in attracting more customers to their website or online store. Superior quality digital images of products offered by the business or company plays a key role in digital marketing. If you want your digital marketing campaign to be […]

What Is Image Tracing Service?

Stock photography and product images aims to highlight the subject. In product photos, the object in question should be highlighted. In such situations, the image needs to be as clear and crisp as possible, and the subject needs to be the main visual in the image. All marketing images should be free of backgrounds, both […]

How To Perform Skin Retouching On A Digital Image

There will be numerous imperfections or flaws in almost all digital images. This is why many individuals and business enterprises edit their images before using it. Photo editing effectively removes the undesirable factors and imperfections from digital images and make it look more appealing to the viewers. It is essential to make sure that the […]

Key Real Estate Photo Editing Services

The fate of many real estate businesses largely depends on how good their digital images look. It is essential to post high quality and exceptional images of your property in your website or online store, as it will attract customers to your offerings and urge them to buy it. A dark and gloomy image of […]

Perspective Correction In Photo Editing

Perspective correction in photo editing is a technique that is used to correct the linear and textual perspective distortions of an image, digitally. In simple terms, it is the technique that is used to correct the vertical and horizontal bends of an image. Perspective distortion appears in building photographs and real estate images. This is […]

5 Editing Techniques To Bring An Artistic Touch To Your Wedding Photos

Wedding photos must look elegant and classic. There are plenty of editing techniques, which allows you to remove the undesirable factors or objects from your wedding photos and make it look more elegant. However, in some of the cases, many individuals go overboard with the editing process and eventually make the digital image look bad. […]

Split Toning To Improve Appeal Of Images

In simple words, split toning is the process of adding different color tints to the shadows and highlights of a black and white image. The technique can also be used to improve appeal of color images, but usually, it is used in black and white ones. Split toning is the process of dividing the lights […]

Mirror Effect Services To Enhance Product Images

Mirror effect is a photo editing process in Adobe Photoshop. Mirror effect or reflection shadow effect can be used to make an image enchanting and luminous. This effect can be used to make beautiful product images, and transform the product images from dull and flat pictures that lack depth to crisp and professional ones. Adding […]

Virtual Home Staging Services To Improve Appeal Of Your Listings

If you are into real estate business, you will already know that staged homes sell for more money than the vacant ones. Most of the sellers have difficulty in visualizing the potential of an empty home, and that calls for the services of a professional photo editing company. There are many software tools and technologies […]

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