Month: August 2017

An Overview Of Real Estate Photo Editing Services

HDR photographers use various exposures and different lighting conditions to capture the real estate photos and permanent fixtures in a property. All the issues that may hamper an image are eliminated prior to retouching, and for that, real estate photo editing services rely on techniques such as colorcast removal, perspective correction, and image bracketing. Where […]

Basic Editing Processes Implemented By Photo Editing Companies

Several amateur photo editors and newbies who want to learn photo editing often ask what are the basic editing techniques that they should perform on a digital image to make it look a lot more elegant. Interestingly, there is no standard answer to that, as photo editors perform a number of photo editing processes on […]

Basics Of Image Editing

Image editing is the process of altering the images to add or remove any of the elements within the frame, thereby making it presentable for any kind of medium. With the coming of new advancements in the field of imaging such as digital photography, the role of professional picture editing has got further intensified and […]

Photo Editing At The Newspaper Offices

Photo editing discussions can spark controversies at times, as different photographers and photo editing services will have different opinions on making changes on the pictures. From changing the skin tone of a person to cropping away extra pounds, different photo editors will have different opinions. However, photo editing companies and photographers will never have different […]

4 Benefits Of Editing Raw Photos For Photo Editing Services

You might have heard that after retouching, the stock images will be converted to JPEG format or other popular formats like TIFF and those have much lesser file size compared to RAW. While doing photo edits, editors have the freedom to sharpen and reduce the image grains to a considerable level in Adobe Lightroom if […]

Creating Drop Shadow Effect With Photoshop

The increasing demand for product photography has made Photoshop one of the most essential photo editing tools today. This is because the photo editing software application is capable of transforming any product image into a stunning one with a few simple set of steps. However, you will have to initially find a professional photo editor […]

What Are The Product Photo Editing Requirements For Amazon

If you are an online retailer, you might be familiar with the product image requirements for ecommerce websites like Amazon, Google shopping, and eBay. However, if you are new to the online retail industry, you will need to understand that the ecommerce platforms will need the retailers to follow a set of product image requirements […]

How Editors In Photo Retouching Work On A Fashion Photograph

Stock photographs with .raw file extension have a mix bag of light, color, and tones in fashion photography. Shooting stock photographs in RAW format would let editors edit the same in Lightroom and then retouch in Photoshop using different tools and commands in the software. Editors balance out shadows and reflections on the photo and […]

Digital Image Manipulation – A Trending And Must-Have Technology

Imperfections in images no more exist in the world of digital image manipulation. What started as a branch of photography earlier has now developed into a mandatory technology to have optimum images. It is true that photography is an independent art; however, with the digital manipulation techniques, any ordinary image can be transformed into an […]

Three Major Benefits Of Professional Photo Editing In Business

Digital images have become an indispensable part of any businesses operating in today’s highly competitive market. Taking into consideration the marketing aspect, the use of images is highly relevant for businesses to effectively propagate the message relating to their product or service clearly and quickly to the customers. A properly captured and edited photograph effectively […]

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