Month: September 2017

Three Types Of Image Clipping Techniques In Photoshop

An editor uses image clipping to hide some image portions and reveal other portions of an image. Also known as image masking, the technique enables the editor to remove the background and to stitch multiple images flexibly. There are three types of techniques used by the editors to mask the image in Photoshop – the […]

Photo Retouching Services Offer Perfect Editing Of Images

Editing and improving an image is truly an art. Photo retouching services can help you to bring life into an old image, making use of techniques like retouching and gradation to make old images glow like new, where at times, a simple airbrushing can offer big changes to the appearance of images. The visual output […]

Types of Photo Retouching Services in Editorials

Photo retouching services can be classified as retouching for portraits, retouching for editorials, commercial retouching, and creative and beauty retouching. Each of the professional areas has some subtle differences and editors cater to client-specific requirements based on the category. For instance, photographers will shoot the face of the subject in portrait photography, and the edited […]

Why Perspective Correction Technique is Needed in Multiple Segments

If your architectural photos seem like leaning backward or forward to the naked eye, it may leave a wrong impression on the viewers. With perspective correction technique, editors will correct the horizontal or vertical distortions on the photo for better legibility. Vertical lines may appear on product photos as well due to tilting of the […]

3 Common Lens Corrections Applied in Professional Picture Editing

A commonly attributed cause of distortion in images is the type of lens used in the camera. Almost all the photographic lenses tend to suffer from some kind of distortion, which is particularly on the edges that result in slight distortions in the image. Most cameras have an inbuilt feature that gathers the lens data […]

Color Correction Services For Photographers

Color correction service is an image editing service that is mostly used to improve images to make them eye catching. Color balancing and correction refers to the process of adjusting the color tone and overall brightness of images. Color correction is the primary stage of image retouching, and photographers can opt for the service from […]

Parameters Of Product Photo Editing For E-Commerce Products

Optimized photographs will help consumers understand the features of a product when they visit an e-commerce portal. E-commerce portals often use product photos with legibility for converting regular consumers into prospect buyers. Product photo editing for e-commerce will work on certain parameters to enhance the legibility of product photos as explained below. Usage of Ghost […]

The Concept Of Frequency Separation In Professional Picture Editing

Frequency separation is a technique that has been doing the rounds in photo retouching services for while now. Often, the technique is misunderstood by amateur photographers who try to retouch the skin in Photoshop going in vain. In frequency separation, editors isolate the main details of an image from the colors as well as the […]

How Professional Photo Editing Overcomes Common Mistakes In Images

Photo editing has become more accessible today with the increased usage of computers and other devices. This, along with the availability of various imaging software, has led many to take photos and editing it in their own way. Although a great way to learn and apply numerous customizations to an image, editing images on one’s […]

How Photo Editing Services Make The Most Of Dodge And Burn Tools

Dodge and burn technique is one of the most widely used and arguably the oldest photo editing process. This excellent image editing technique involves the manipulation of light in the image to create emphasis and contrast to product, fashion, or any other type of digital image. Dodging can be defined as the process of boosting […]

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