Month: November 2017

How Editors Use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to Edit RAW Photographs

While Actions are a feature available in Photoshop full version or Photoshop Elements, Presets are available in Adobe Lightroom. Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets are used in a post-processing workflow to edit photographs, but both are not one and the same. A preset is a premeditated position of all the sliders or some of the […]

How Clipping Mask is Used to Change a Photo’s Dynamics

The most important element in a photograph is the backdrop although there are other aspects, which form the curb appeal of a photograph. Oftentimes getting the perfect photograph with clear background is the objective of photo edits. Editors indulged in image clipping draw a clipping mask in the photo’s object using the Pen tool and […]

Factors to Consider When Photographing Outdoors of Real Estate Properties

Photographing the exteriors of a property such as a house or an office complex requires a considerable level of skill. This is essential as it ensures that the outdoor portions are captured with much detail and clarity for making it worthwhile to present it to the clients or upload it in real estate portals. Normally, […]

3 Reasons Why Furniture Photo Retouching is Important

Product images play an important part in an e-commerce site and lets the consumers know what they are about to buy at one glance. In fact, uploading a genuine photograph is important especially because consumers cannot testify the product first hand but through good quality images. If you have a real estate website, which conducts […]

Best Practices to Follow While Sharing Product Images

We all understand the importance of sharing product images on online stores. These images can be the most important element of product listings. In fact, the difference between amateur and professional product images can easily make or break sales in your online store. Product images effectively communicate the details of the item in ways the […]

How Chromatic Aberration Affects Images

While capturing an image, several defects occur that can negatively influence the appearance and quality of an image. Most of this is a result of the limitations of the imaging device and its components mainly the lenses. Chromatic aberration is one such defect that can affect the image as it brings about certain color variations. […]

How Photo Editors Figure Out the Right Technique for Editing Images

Several businesses across the world seek the help of experienced and professional photo editing services to bring a professional touch to their ordinary images and to make them suitable for advertising and marketing campaigns. However, many businesses owners who outsource their photo editing works to a professional picture editing company often wonder how image editors […]

3 Retouching Points to Note When Working on Headshots and Portraits

Photo retouching is easy for most professional editors, but for the beginners, the task of retouching the headshot of a model and so forth may seem puzzling. Beginners especially think that they need to retouch the portraits quickly to meet turnarounds or carefully edit them for hours to bring out the best results. However, that […]

Using Adobe Lightroom Tools for Skin Smoothening

Photo retouching is one of the most popular and widely used photo editing techniques that can easily bring a fresh and attractive to your ordinary digital images. Smoothening textures in portraits and removing spots, blemishes, wrinkles, and marks from the face of your model has all been pretty much easier with the process of photo […]

How Moiré Affects an Image

In spite of the tremendous advancements in digital photography, the images captured still have certain defects that can affect its appearance. One such commonly observed defect in digital photographs is moiré. Moiré refers to the appearance of odd stripes or lines in the image that will ruin the image totally. This is especially in the […]

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