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Photo Retouching Services for Jewelry Photo Clipping Service 

Photo Retouching Services for Jewelry

Retouching the looks of designer jewelry photographs will be essential especially when promoting the product through an online platform or via print media. Even for apparels, product photographs using a drop shadow is a standard retouching task for e-commerce; however, jewels may need a reflective shadow to entice the attention of the customers. A drop shadow would give the impression the product is raised above the backdrop and is hovering in free space. The effect done can make the product seem it is having a faint glow. Using a reflection…

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How Lens Flare and Ghosting Effect can Transform an Image Photo Editing Companies 

How Lens Flare and Ghosting Effect can Transform an Image

There are several means by which the appeal of an image is enhanced in professional picture editing. Lens flares and ghosting are a commonly used technique that can transform an image and make it more lively and vibrant. These are not actually techniques, but an optical effect that arises when bright sources of light like the sun or electric bulbs enter into the camera lens. It can be created either during the actual photographing of the subject itself or during the final editing of the image. Lens flare and ghosting,…

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