Month: December 2017

Why Cropping Forms the Basis of Image Editing

Cropping is one key process in image editing that can alter the appearance and character of the entire image. It can change the image dramatically by altering the composition to direct the attention onto specific objects within the frame. Images taken directly from a camera suffer from issues related to improper composition and the appearance […]

5 Effective Ways for Digitally Enhancing Images

Digital image editing is important since there will always be imperfections in the image in regards to its exposure and other key elements. Many of the normally occurring issues such as slants, blemishes, unwanted objects, lack of color balance, etc., can all ruin an image. Professional image editing can help in correcting a majority of […]

The Difference between Photo Editing and Image Manipulation

Digital photography may seem like an alternative form of photography, but look deep within and what you have is a vast world where image manipulation is the most advanced form. Digital photographs do not necessarily refer to the mere usage of a ‘digital sensor’ instead of using the film room to shoot subjects. In fact, […]

Make Nature Photographs Real with Professional Picture Editing

Nature photography can be an overwhelming task for photographers and one that needs some amount of post-processing for pristine results. When entering the wilderness to capture nature’s wonders, you may be at ease given good cameras, aperture, and ideal lenses. However, not always would the nature complement the perfect lighting. Still, with many filters and […]

3 Main Benefits of Using Image Overlays for Enhanced Visual Communication

By using image overlays, you can lend an element of uniqueness to the core message that you are planning to deliver through digital media or print. All you should be doing for that is count on expertly edited photos with strings of text on the photograph. Read on to know about the three best practices […]

Top 5 Editing Techniques to Enhance your Photography

Whether you merely shoot the occasional selfie on your smartphone or you are a professional photographer with a studio, you need software to edit and enhance your photos for the best outcome. Apparently, using such editing tools and techniques, you can make your photos look better and promote them online or via print media. It […]

How Editors Attain Uniformity on a Headshot Using a Hair Masking Technique

Each and every photographer needs to remove the backdrop from the images and insert a new backdrop using the layers in Adobe Photoshop to refine the photo. Such best practices in professional Photoshop services are hassle-free as far as editors are concerned, especially if the actual backdrop contains clear color and the edges are rendered […]

How Furniture Image Retouching can Benefit your Business

Product images are the first thing that catches the attention of web users who are visiting e-commerce store in search of a product. It is true that the features, price, and all other factors of your product are important, but elegant product images have the unique ability to lure in more prospective customers to your […]

4 Aspects Why Retouching and Commercial Makeup go Hand-in-Hand

Good photography can aid in the process of retouching a photograph in the best way possible. In the same way, even fashion makeup can inspire the editors to retouch the headshots of models with an eye for precision. Below are four aspects regarding how makeup goes a long way in retouching photos that are meant […]

Top 4 Creatively Unconventional Photo Manipulation Effects in Photoshop

Each photograph offers the editors endless opportunities to use tools in the software to create effects that capture the attention of the audience. The different image manipulation tools in Photoshop ensure that not all the images appear the same way. Below are some of the unconventional manipulative effects that gives a heft to an image. […]

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