Month: February 2018

Main Features of Sky Replacement Service for Real Estate Photos

The clear blue or the azure sky makes for a pristine background and can enhance the curb appeal of an architectural photograph with a property. Such photos shot against a sky backdrop play an important role in luring the potential buyers to the real estate gallery. It is here that real estate photo editing services […]

The Best Free Image Editing Tools for Bloggers

It is a common thing to find a blog with fascinating content, but no less common these days is finding riveting images that go with it. Content with relevant images gets a lot more views, which is one of the reasons why bloggers clamor for photo editing services that let them come up with the […]

How to Convert a Black and White Photo to Color

Black and white photos have their own vintage appeal, and can take you back in time to a world where everything was much simpler than it is now. However, if you have a family photograph that you would rather have in full color and not B/W, sticking to the old faded picture can be a […]

Comparing Deep Etching and Photoshop Masking Techniques

Deep etching and image masking are two techniques used to remove the background of a photo. The objective of both is to separate the photo’s backdrop or isolate the main subject from the background. In the world of image manipulation, deep etching is amongst the well-known techniques to make cutout photos or vector images with […]

Why Background Removal Necessitates for Packshot Photography

Packshot photography is a term that is often interchangeably used with commercial or advertisement photography. A packshot is an HD photo of a package or product, typically shot inside a professional studio against a white backdrop that is completely devoid of any sort of distractions. The background is taken out in clipping path service to […]

Editing Tips to Achieve a Vintage Photo Effect

Post-processing techniques are very crucial to enhance your photos. There are many photo editing methods to make your beautiful photos even better. This is one of the best options to get the Instagram-worthy photos. One of the popular and incredible photo editing techniques is the vintage photo effect. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below to achieve […]

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