Professional Picture Editing

Why Artificial Vignetting is a Sought after Photoshop Service

The term vignetting in optics and photography means darkening of the border of the image as opposed to the center. Vignette portraits tend to have edges that may gradually fade to either white or black due to optical mistakes, which is known as optical vignetting. However, the effect can be artificially added in post-possessing of […]

Contrast and Brightness Enhancement Techniques Used by Photo Editing Services

Various properties of the image serve a key role in its appearance. Brightness and contrast are some major image properties that can considerably influence the overall aesthetic appeal of a photograph. Maintaining a proper balance of brightness and contrast is essential in an image to create a sufficient exposure throughout the image. Due to their […]

Types of Photo Retouching Services in Editorials

Photo retouching services can be classified as retouching for portraits, retouching for editorials, commercial retouching, and creative and beauty retouching. Each of the professional areas has some subtle differences and editors cater to client-specific requirements based on the category. For instance, photographers will shoot the face of the subject in portrait photography, and the edited […]

3 Common Lens Corrections Applied in Professional Picture Editing

A commonly attributed cause of distortion in images is the type of lens used in the camera. Almost all the photographic lenses tend to suffer from some kind of distortion, which is particularly on the edges that result in slight distortions in the image. Most cameras have an inbuilt feature that gathers the lens data […]

Color Correction Services For Photographers

Color correction service is an image editing service that is mostly used to improve images to make them eye catching. Color balancing and correction refers to the process of adjusting the color tone and overall brightness of images. Color correction is the primary stage of image retouching, and photographers can opt for the service from […]

The Concept Of Frequency Separation In Professional Picture Editing

Frequency separation is a technique that has been doing the rounds in photo retouching services for while now. Often, the technique is misunderstood by amateur photographers who try to retouch the skin in Photoshop going in vain. In frequency separation, editors isolate the main details of an image from the colors as well as the […]

Why Photographers Outsource Photo Culling To Professional Photo Editing Services

Photographers often send raw photographs in lots to photo editing services and sorting the best ones for post production is a time consuming process in digital studios. Editors call sorting photos from lots as culling in professional picture editing. After a session of photo shoot, many of the photographers postpone the selection of the best […]

Basics Of Image Editing

Image editing is the process of altering the images to add or remove any of the elements within the frame, thereby making it presentable for any kind of medium. With the coming of new advancements in the field of imaging such as digital photography, the role of professional picture editing has got further intensified and […]

Creating Drop Shadow Effect With Photoshop

The increasing demand for product photography has made Photoshop one of the most essential photo editing tools today. This is because the photo editing software application is capable of transforming any product image into a stunning one with a few simple set of steps. However, you will have to initially find a professional photo editor […]

Three Major Benefits Of Professional Photo Editing In Business

Digital images have become an indispensable part of any businesses operating in today‚Äôs highly competitive market. Taking into consideration the marketing aspect, the use of images is highly relevant for businesses to effectively propagate the message relating to their product or service clearly and quickly to the customers. A properly captured and edited photograph effectively […]

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