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Creating Shadow Effects In Footwear Images Using Photoshop Photo Clipping Service 

Creating Shadow Effects In Footwear Images Using Photoshop

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Adding shadows and reflections to the digital images of footwear and other product photos of your business is one of the most simplest ways to bring a realistic touch to the image. However, this is one of the most complex processes in product photo editing, which is the major reason why business seek the help of photo editing companies to edit their product images.

Photo editors seek the help of Photoshop and other most modern photo editing tools to add shadows to your product images. The layer styling feature of Adobe Photoshop enables photo editors to easily bring the desired results to your ordinary product images.

Using layer styles will not cut down the image resolution of your footwear or product image, which means that photo editors will not have worry about the quality of the image when they are working on it. Besides, layer styling also provides more freedom for photo editors to experiment with different reflection and shadow effects.

Photo editing companies are cable of bringing all the desired results into your image when they are creating shadows in the image. Some of these effects are drop shadow, inner shadow, and bevels. Below are some of the most popular features of Adobe Photoshop that are used by professional photo companies for editing product images.

Inner Shadow Or Drop Shadow

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Inner shadow or drop shadow is usually used to add a soft halo to the outer and inner edges of your footwear images. This feature also allows photo editors to alter the size, angle of shadows, and opacity of the images, in order to make the image a bit more realistic.


This feature of Adobe Photoshop enables photo editors to create a 3D effect of the footwear picture with the help of the bevels option. In addition to that, photo editors incorporate the use of this feature to lift the image off the page, which in turn creates a realistic appearance.


The visibility option of Adobe Photoshop is incredibly popular among photo editing companies because it easily allows them to hide or partially display the contents of a certain layer of the digital image. This feature also allows photo editors to hide a portion of a reflection or shadow, and give the image a professional touch.

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