What Is Fashion Photo Retouching?

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Fashion Photo Retouching

Fashion photo retouching may look like a simple and easy field, but in reality, it includes many complex techniques. It is a very good post-shoot photo editing technique that can be used to bring out the best from raw studio shot images. Fashion photo retouching includes many techniques like body sculpting, skin retouching, color correction, etc. Let us look into the details of these techniques here.

Body Sculpting

Body sculpting is a technique used by photo editors to tone the body and reduce appearance of baggy clothes in the image. This is a very important step in fashion photo retouching. The technique can also be used to change the pose of the person by removing slouching. There are many benefits of body sculpting like:

  • Lengthening legs
  • Skin smoothening
  • Tummy tucking
  • Slimming
  • Body lifting

The technique can be used to remove the extra pounds that you gained in the holiday season from your photos, in order to get an attractive and sculptured look.

Skin Retouching

This is yet another technique used by photo editors to enhance the visual appeal of an image. The technique can be used to smoothen skin, remove wrinkles, blemishes, and freckles, without damaging the photo or making it blurry.

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Before smoothening, the editor will get rid of unwanted blemishes. This means that professional skin retouching can be divided into removal of unnecessary blemishes and making the skin soft and smooth.

Color Correction

Color correction is a very common photo editing service that can help fix issues in color tones of the image. The first step in color correction is to fix overall color or tone issues in the image, if any. These issues are commonly referred to as “global” problems. After fixing the “global” problems, the editor will move on to specific problem areas, also called “local” problems.

What Is Fashion Photo Retouching?
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