Few Easy Tips For Photo Manipulation

Image Clipping
Professional Photo Manipulation

Image clipping and manipulation is one of the most common photo editing techniques used by professional photo editing service providers. This amazing editing feature is capable of transforming a photo into a completely different one in a matter of few minutes.

Even though photo manipulation might not seem that difficult to perform, it is wiser to hire an expert photo editing company for the task. This is because they deliver high quality work at an affordable price, and within the time frame you want. Here are a few photo manipulation techniques, which are offered by professional photo editing companies.

Vertus Fluid Mask

If you are trying to merge two images, then you will initially have to cut an image from the first picture and save it for photo manipulation. You might find it hard to use the pen tool, as a neat cut out of images is not possible with this tool.

Professional picture editing companies implement the specialized masking tools in Vertus fluid mask to render your photos. The rugged edges in the images can also be eliminated through this exceptional tool. This will help you to merge your pictures with ease.

Shadow Effect

Shadows are necessary if you want to make your photo look realistic. Also, each and every item in your picture needs a shadow. In addition to that, every item on your photo must be kept proportional to everything else in your images. Shadows can add a realistic touch even in fantasy images.

Creating a shadow is relatively easy. The first step is to duplicate your images and turn it entirely into black. After turning it into black, add a Gaussian blur before reducing the image size. Now, place the darkened image accurately for creating a shadow effect.

Right Proportions

Professional Photo Editing Service
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Photo manipulation requires a lot of time and careful work. Though there are many factors to consider when you are working on your image, the key factor that requires constant attention is photo proportion. You need to make sure to use the right proportions in your images to make it look good, as if you fail doin so, then it will destroy the quality of your photo.

This is where outsourcing photo editing work comes into play. The experienced photo editors in professional picture editing companies can perform this task with ease. Furthermore, the quality of your photos will also be increased if you outsource photo editing services.

Few Easy Tips For Photo Manipulation
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