Techniques Essential For Successful Photo Manipulation

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It is true that photo manipulation techniques are difficult to master, but many designers use these techniques to make works of art. Photo manipulation is much popular among designers and photo editing technicians. The simplest idea to widest ones can be conveyed in an image with photo manipulation. Some of the successful points for photo manipulation are discussed below.

Rendering Images

Photo manipulation involves merging different images using photo editing software like Photoshop. The necessary things are cut from different images and combined together to make an interesting and appealing image. However, if you need image rendering to be proper, you should not use images that have rugged edges.


Shadows are much important for a successful photo manipulation. Shadows offer realistic looks to the images. This is why it is important to know about shadows in photo manipulation. The simple way to offer shadow effect is to duplicate the original image and blacken it as needed. After that, you can add a Gaussian Blur to it, reduce the size, and add it to the proper place.

Texture Use

Textures do not add to the realism of the image, but they help to blend the images together evenly. Blending is an important part of photo manipulation, so you will need to pick the texture carefully, as they add to the depth of the image.

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For instance, if you are trying to a photo manipulation that is dark looking, you may use a rough ground as the background texture; or if you are looking to have an image that is smooth, you can use a wall or paper texture.


This is yet another important aspect of image manipulation. Say, what if the dog looks bigger than the house in the image you share in your real estate business website? Obviously, it will be awkward. This is why it is important for the objects in the image to be proportionate.

Proportion makes a big difference in how real your image looks. You will need to remember clearly where you need to share the images. Always keep in mind that images of far away objects are supposed to be smaller than that of nearby objects.

Techniques Essential For Successful Photo Manipulation
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