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What is a Clipping Path?

The name given to the process is self-explanatory. A photo clipping path is the path along which an image is cut. And a basic or simple clipping path is used when the image is an easy image with a few corners and curves.

If it is the image of a sphere or a ball and if the ball has to be clipped from the background, it is easy as there will be a simple clipping path, which originates from one place and ends in another. There are no clipping paths that would overlap in this case and the whole process is comparatively easy.

Simply put,clipping path service is the first step towards making an image better. Once the image has been taken off the original background, it has to be worked on to bring out the best of the image. Since everything depends on the image that has been clipped out a lot of care has to be given to this first step.

The clipped out image is the basic structure on which the entire campaign/idea (in the case of an advertising agency), a centre-fold with a theme (in the case of a magazine or a brochure), images on a website, (Real Estate, E-Commerce, or the like).

Why Outsource Clipping Path?

Though image clipping path service might be the easiest and the most basic of all the processes, it needs patience and a complete awareness of the technique involved. There are many software tools that we can use for the basic clipping path. But these tools can work wonders in the hands of a skilled technician.

We have already established how important images are by now whatever let the purpose of the image be. Seldom can any company hire/train people to do this vital job. It is easier to outsource this important functionality of clipping path services to others who solely specialize in this field.

Why Photo Editing India?

At Photo Editing India the artists of Image Clipping Path services deal with a wide range of images from clients, which include; real estate images, e-commerce websites, images directly from professional photographers, advertising agencies to name a few.

This elementary function of photo clipping path service is used to take the central image from the original background. At Photo Editing India , our team of Clipping path specialists primarily employ manual Photo Clipping to ensure cleaner and more defined outlines than the automated process which can be found online.

Image Clipping Services not only gives a better definition and detailing to the image but also makes the final image look natural and well set in the new background. The technicians at Photo Editing India make sure that each image that we receive is analysed and assigned to the technicians in charge. The images are worked on within the fixed timeline and the completed images are returned to the client.

Once the images are outsourced to Photo Editing India, you can be concentrate on the other aspects of your company and services provided. You can rest assured that within the specified time, the images will be worked on by our skilled clipping path specialists and that the same will be send back to you. Photo Editing India is the most sought after image clipping services company in India which boasts of clients who has been with us ever since their first experience with us.

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The name given to the process is self-explanatory. A PHOTO CLIPPING PATH is the path along which an image is cut. And a basic or simple clipping path is used when the image is an easy image with a few corners and curves.
This is a slightly complicated process where our experts take the image after the basic PHOTO CLIPPING is over and embellish the image with different masking techniques.
The name of the process gives a basic idea of what the service involved in PRODUCT PHOTO CLIPPING SERVICES. This refers to isolating the image of the product from the unflattering background it rests on.
This process of Image background removal services is a simple enough process and as the name suggests, it largely depends on removing the isolated central image`s background from the product.
IMAGE TRACING SERVICES is one of the sub services of IMAGE CLIPPING SERVICES and plays a huge role in creating a design from an object or even the image of an object.
Any images that have been shot, which shall henceforth be called raw images, have a lot to be desired. It can be the lack of the central focus of the image, or unwanted elements in an image, or just about re-aligning an image to fit the frame.