3 Best Practices to Try on Online Retail Stores with Product Photos

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Nowadays, e-commerce has turned into an industry that has global audiences. If you have plans to operate an online store in addition to your physical presence, good-looking product photos are a must-upload. Yet again, it is equally important to optimize the product images on the website in a way customers can fully understand the features of your products or services.

Avoid Uploading High-Resolution Photographs for All Products

If product photos uploaded on a site are of high-resolution, it might affect the page load time. You do not want to be uploading several high-res photos and push your prospective customers away. One of the best ways to optimize the photos for web page uploads is deep etching service. The image clipping path can compress photos by taking out its backdrop and keeping the product against a white or light colored background. Still, you will get photos with moderate resolution and reasonable quality for online stores.

Upload Multiple Sized Photos According to its Application

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Use larger photos only if the product or associated application necessitates that. Each and every e-commerce store requires several photos including that of the main products. Obviously, going by logic, you need not upload a bigger-sized photo for shopping baskets but save it for core products. On the other hand, make the thumbnails medium-sized. Further, contact an image clipping service provider for permutating adequate size of product photos and crop accordingly. Using photos as per its application can ensure the site renders information seamlessly and persuade customers to buy into your offerings. For instance, the image of a shopping cart and a product description that states delivery within 2 or 3 working days can leverage sales.

Avoid Mixing and Matching Distinct Image Sizes for Product Thumbnails

Are you planning to display a plethora of product thumbnails on a catalog page of your e-commerce store? Consider not doing that, as having to search through photos, which are rotated or distinctly sized while surfing through your product catalog page, can make customers impatient. It can be equally annoying for customers to scan through images that are not aligned vertically or horizontally on an online store with e-commerce transactions.

In fact, an e-commerce best practice is to use thumbnails of equal proportions in terms of height and width with grid patterns for best aesthetics.

3 Best Practices to Try on Online Retail Stores with Product Photos
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