3 Common Post Processing Mistakes to Avoid

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The term post-processing is often used by photo editing companies in order to describe the photo editing stage where they edit the images to increase its appeal and elegance. Most digital images, even the ones that are captured by professional photographers, contain a few issues. This means that these images are not suitable to be used in advertising and marketing campaigns. This is the reason why most businesses seek the support of an expert clipping path company for the post-processing of their product photos.

Professional photo editing companies have access to sophisticated and most modern image editing tools. This in turn enables them to improve the appeal of your image and make it look a lot more attractive to viewers. However, it is best to seek the help of experts and avoid amateurs because post-processing is actually a sophisticated process and it requires a specific set of skill. In addition to that, if you fail to use the right photo editing software and accurate editing steps, then it might make your image unsuitable for use.

Those who are new to the world of photography often claim that they do not like to use post-processing techniques on images. This is because these amateurs have a misconception that using Photoshop or other photo editing tools make their images to look unnatural. Yet the reality is that an image that has not been edited or processed will not look finished to be used for an ad campaign. Moreover, the use of post-processing techniques will not ruin the natural look of your image; although over-doing the edits might affect its original elegance. Below are 3 of the common post-processing mistakes that could render a photo unappealing.

Over Saturation

Beginners often tend to over saturate their images because they feel that this would considerably increase the appeal of the pictures. The reality is that over-saturation will make your images look less natural and make it look less attractive. If the colors in your image do not look naturally blended, or if you feel the dominant colors in the photograph are more saturated, then you will need to lower the saturation in your image.

Most amateur photo editors usually use the Saturation Slider tool in their image editing software to improve the saturation. This is not a good move, as it can make your image look overly saturated. This is another major reason why you need to seek the help of an expert clipping path company because they will help you to selectively add saturation to your image. They achieve the desired results by using the Luminosity Mask in Adobe Photoshop or the HSL Slider in Adobe Lightroom.

Over Sharpening

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The most important thing you need to realize before sharpening your image is that you will not be able to fix an out-of-focus image by simply sharpening it. In other words, the image editing process of sharpening will not help you to fix the blur in your digital image. However, sharpening does allow you to add a little bit of additional crisp and elegance to a digital image that is in focus, and make the image look a lot more realistic to viewers.

Just like saturation, sharpening is another thing that you should add selectively or restrictively to your image. Overly sharpening the entire image will result in an unnecessary amount of noise in the image, which is why professional photo editing companies advise customers not to sharpen the smooth areas in the image. The Details tool in Adobe Lightroom is one of the best tools available to photo editors for image sharpening.

Over Cropping

As you would probably know, most of the image editing software applications come with an inbuilt crop tool. The crop tool in these handy applications allows you to redefine the composition and straighten the horizon line of your image. However, this effective tool is usually used for the sole purpose of removing unwanted objects and elements from digital images.

The issue is that some photo editors remove all the negative space in their image with the crop tool. This is not a good approach because over cropping the image will make it look a lot less realistic to viewers. If you have no clear idea on how to crop your images without making them look less natural, it is best to seek the help of a professional clipping path company.

Simply put, you should always be careful not to overdo things while trying to create an impact in your images. Accurately using the said tools will surely increase the appeal of your image. However, if you do not know the basics, it will be better to outsource the work to a clipping path company for reliable and faster results.