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3 Concerns Emerging Real Estate Photographers Must Deal with

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It is seen that interior photos turn out with a particular colorcast while shooting with certain DSLR cameras. This is a concern that professional photographers face even when they tried clicking interiors with different color modes in the camera.

Most professionals are aware of color balance issue and at times, increasing the color temperature setting manually achieves acceptable outputs with varying degrees of success during interior shoots. Yet these problems impede the quality of outputs in the real estate photography often. So, if you are a real estate photographer or aspiring to become one, below are 3 things that could be pivotal to your portfolio.

Color Balance and Shooting Mode Have a Lot in Common

The photographers must deal with issues related to color balance owing to the temperatures of interior light sources. Distinct light bulbs have distinct color temperatures. A reddish brown colorcast can be the one emitting from an incandescent bulb.

If the mode in which you shoot the room that turned out with colorcast was JPG, retouching the photo in an editing software can be a tough ask. Certain real estate photo retouching software even compress JPG files, which that can degrade the quality of final images. So instead of that mode, it is best to follow the latest industry standard that is RAW photography.

Even real estate photo editing services recommend shooting interiors in RAW photography mode since that can make the post-processing tasks much convenient.

Using Flash While Photographing Interiors

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It is seen that shooting rooms with a camera’s flash turned on can result in an extremely flat looking light, which is especially the case when flash is on the exact axis as its lens. Hence, it is better to turn off the flash while shooting interiors.

Barrel and Vertical Perspective Distortions

Barrel distortion refers to a flaw in photos wherein horizontal or vertical lines appear as curved ones. On the other hand, vertical perspective distortion can occur while shooting straight edges such as taller buildings. To fit in an object fully into the frame, photographers tilt the camera backwards. As a result, lines that appear parallel to the naked eye seem to converge towards the frame’s top, and this can make it look rather strange.

These flaws usually happen when doing wedding photo shoots indoors, but sometimes, it can also happen when photographing a real estate property put on sale with a lot of interior furnishings and décor. Hiring professional real estate photo editing services is always the best bet here.