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3 Important Uses of Clipping Path in Photoshop

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Clipping path is one of the most commonly used processes in Photoshop. It is used for a variety of purposes such as in isolating a subject and removing it from the background. Due to this, clipping path is extensively used in designing magazines, websites, and advertisements. It is an essential process out in any photos to enhance its quality and make it presentable on any kind of medium.

A clipping path service uses this process to improve the overall appearance of images outsourced to them by their clients. In fact, clipping path is used for various uses in Photoshop.

Background Removal

Background removal is one of the most common uses of clipping path. For this, the Pen Tool is used to accurately draw out the edges of the subject in an image and for effectively separating it from the background. Professional Photoshop services rely on the Pen Tool to remove the subject from its background and apply the necessary effects for using in e-commerce or other platforms.

Recreating Logos and Graphics

Another important use of clipping path in Photoshop is to recreate the graphics and logos of a website. It is important for any business to have a quality logo or graphics and this is where clipping path is useful. The tools used in clipping path can be used to significantly improve the quality of old bitmap images.

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Applying Color Corrections

The process of clipping path when applied to a previous logo can help in tracing out an exact pattern of the logo, thereby allowing one to recreate it as it is. Most clipping path service providers also adopt this process to trace out old logos and customize with different colors and textures.

Applying Color Corrections and Color Mask

Carrying out color correction and color masking is carried out for enhancing the appearance of the image and in fixing any flaws related to its exposure and color. When capturing an image, the exposure may not be perfect that can result in under-lit or over-lit portions in the image.

In such cases, multiple clipping paths are used in Photoshop to effectively separate the color and portions of an image and adjusting them to correspond with the rest sections. For this, various tools in Photoshop such as curves, color balance, brightness and contrast adjustments, etc., are used.