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3 Main Benefits of Using Image Overlays for Enhanced Visual Communication

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Using Image Overlays

By using image overlays, you can lend an element of uniqueness to the core message that you are planning to deliver through digital media or print. All you should be doing for that is count on expertly edited photos with strings of text on the photograph. Read on to know about the three best practices of image overlays as a marketing program.

An Opportunity to Reach a Wider Audience

Overlaying strings of text on a photo would give you a chance to reach an unexplored audience in the web especially if you use the same on emails, on social media handles, or websites. It is easy to mistake the trick to canvassing text driven content by making the text stand out and not the photo. However, if you convey your message on the image’s header or use adequate sales pitches on hero shots, the core message would be easier to read and the image would stand out.

Use a Call to Action Links

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Call To Action Links

Editing the text onto the photograph would give you the basic content on a webpage, but to generate more leads you should use such links that perform an action when clicked. Some examples of Call to Action would include ‘what’s next’ links on content sharing platforms or a ‘get a free trial’ on an app developer site. Such best practices in web optimization persuade the user to open the link, and are precise way of visual communication. If you want users to navigate to a page on the site, fill out web forms, or check your elaborate marketing blog, you should call upon the action from their part and use the links in the right places too.

Appealing Content

Overlaying text on the photographs would make your content thin but effective. People would feel persuaded to share the content on their social media handle in turn giving conversions to the marketer in you. Besides that, you can forward informal emails and can prompt users to share the content by using share buttons. Below are two things to consider when you create a unique content using image overlays to communicate:

  • Choose an image that has sufficient space to fill the text. Ideally, the text shall be read, the message understood, but the image complements persuasion.
  • When editing the hero shot for your blog post, rely on professional picture editing so that colors and brand appeal is maintained to perfection.