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3 Most Common White Background Alternatives

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White Background Alternatives

If you are a person who runs an e-commerce business website, then you might probably have a clear idea on the importance of good quality product images. Elegant and attractive digital images of products will lure in web visitors to your website and it might even urge them to buy the product. On the other hand, if you are using a low quality, unappealing product image on your website or online store, then your customers will not be interested in buying the product, which is definitely not good for business.

In some cases, the background of your image might not be able to increase the appeal of your product. If that is the case, consider seeking the help of product photo editing experts or photo editing services, as they will be able to bring the desired results to your image with ease. Product photo editing companies will replace the background of your product image without compromising its quality, which will in turn help you to infuse brand identity into the photos.

It is evident that most photo editors use white backgrounds to increase the appeal of product images. However, several amateur photo editors often fail to realize the fact that other backgrounds can also make product images a lot more appealing to the public. Below are some of the most common white background alternatives used by product photo editing experts.

Neutral Backgrounds

Neutral colors such as beige, gray, and off-white will highlight the products in your image and they bring a different visual aesthetic to the entire product image.

Black Backgrounds

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Black backgrounds are usually used in jewelry pieces, luxury products, cosmetics, and alcohols because these backgrounds bring a sophisticated and elegant look to products.

Solid Backgrounds

Product images with solid backgrounds contain bright hues, which brings a liveliness and playfulness to the entire image. In addition to that, these backgrounds also prominently highlight the product in the image.

These are the top three alternatives to a white background for product photos. However, it is significant to note that online shoppers will not make a buying a decision just by looking at a single image of your product. Instead, they will check out at least three or five shots of your products from different angles before making up their mind. This implies that you need to upload at least three images of your products from different angles and all these images should be able to instantly capture the attention of viewers.