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3 Retouching Points to Note When Working on Headshots and Portraits

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Photo retouching is easy for most professional editors, but for the beginners, the task of retouching the headshot of a model and so forth may seem puzzling. Beginners especially think that they need to retouch the portraits quickly to meet turnarounds or carefully edit them for hours to bring out the best results. However, that might not be a good approach always.

Retouching is a post-processing task, the objective of which is to improve upon the given quality of a photograph. Below are some retouching tips from experienced editors indulged in professional photo editing service.

Make the Face Look Real and Not Artificial

The basic aspect of retouching a fashion portrait is smoothing the skin and the blemishes on the face using the tools like Clarity Slider, Healing Brush, or Clone Stamp in Photoshop. If beginners use the retouching tools in an amateurish manner, the skin may seem glowing than what is considered ideal. Since the skin needs natural looks, a feathered finish using any of the tools would help them smooth the skin without having to rely on skin textures.

Avoid Making the Eyes Reflective

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The first impression is always the best when it comes to photo retouching services using Photoshop. Brightening the eyes and making them a touch reflective is pompous, though. If the model’s eyes brighten up on a fashion portrait than the surrounding details of the image, they might resemble a cat’s eye. Such retouching procedures are far from perfect and avoiding them can make the photo and its centermost object speak to a wider audience.

Retouch the Face Only and Vie for Realism

In a headshot, editors retouch the neck and shoulders only. They adjust the smoothness of the skin to be precise, in order to make the skin tone akin to the face, creating a uniform look desired by the client. When it comes to realism, to adjust the wrinkles, and the age spots, may make a person look years younger than they are. Thus, when it comes to retouching portrait of a middle-aged model, the motto shall be “less is more”.

If you are a beginner and find portrait retouching or any other photo retouching task daunting to execute, you can always approach a professional photo editing service provider for help with attaining the ideal looks. Yet if you are planning to retouch the photo on your own, pay heed to the pointers mentioned above and finish the work with perfection.