4 Benefits Of Editing Raw Photos For Photo Editing Services

Photo Editing Services
Photo Editing Services
Editing Raw Photos

You might have heard that after retouching, the stock images will be converted to JPEG format or other popular formats like TIFF and those have much lesser file size compared to RAW. While doing photo edits, editors have the freedom to sharpen and reduce the image grains to a considerable level in Adobe Lightroom if the photos are captured in RAW format. Professional photographs usually capture pictures in the RAW file format and hand them over to professional photo editing services to work on certain aspects as listed below.

More Grayscale Levels

The grayscale levels on a RAW photograph records in between 4096 to 16384 levels compared to the standard 256 grayscale on JPEG. Grayscale is referred to as shades from black to white and the higher the grayscale, the easier it will be for editors to tweak the brightness on a RAW photograph. If editors are bestowed with JPEG format, however, they will have to manually tweak the settings to make the photograph more grayish.

Freedom To Select Color Space

Editors tend to choose sRGB color-space on a photo editing software such as Photoshop while uploading RAW photos. Editors indulged in photo editing services can afford to select a color space right up and make a RAW photo more web-optimized by choosing the sRGB color-space. However, if clients require their post-processed photographs to have RGB color-space, then editors will opt for that while uploading.

White Balancing

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Select Color Space

As DSLR cameras have WB settings and cloudy settings these days, white balancing will be easier for editors. Still, white balancing is one of the prime aspects of photo editing services, and it requires experience to achieve perfection. Shooting an image in RAW format will help editors to remove the color cast easier than in JPEG with fewer tweaks. Even if clients give JPEG pictures to the editors, limited adjustments to the white balance is quite possible in a photo.

Contrast Adjustment

Most of the digital cameras have RAW file format by default, and this format is quite preferred by photographers in outdoor photography. The details captured in stock photos are uncompressed and there will be more detail on a RAW photo. Professional photo editing services can correct the same without tampering with the original picture quality.

Stock photos are subject to light exposure, and if you want to retouch photos with .raw file extension, contact the best of all photo editing companies.

4 Benefits Of Editing Raw Photos For Photo Editing Services
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