4 Great Cameras to Use in Real Estate Photography

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Where real estate photography is concerned, a lot of importance lies in having the right gear to work with. This is one of the ways to ensure you get good-looking images to show a prospective buyer. It is all well and good if you have a good eye for photography, and some solid knowledge on composition, but nothing beats the benefits of having a good camera. Following are some of the best cameras you can use when taking real estate photos.

Canon M3 EOS

With a compact build and point-and-shoot functionality, this camera is one of the easiest to use. It is friendly on moderate budgets while still being a highly useful piece of equipment if you are just starting out with real estate photography. The lens is 15-45mm wide-angle, which suits shooting properties and interiors very well. You will need the right set of accessories to go with this amazing camera: a tripod, external flash, and some lights.

Sony Alpha a7R III

If you are shooting interiors and in low light, this camera is one of the best you could be using. It comes with a full frame, is mirror-less, and you can change the lenses as you desire. The 42-megapixel resolution is good for pretty much anything you will want to click, plus you also get a 100 to 3200 ISO range. The processor this camera runs on is BIONZ X. You can take images of 7952 x 5304 size.

Nikon D5

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This one is an all-rounder that lets you shoot just about anything with it. With 20.8-megapixel resolution and a full-frame CMOS sensor, it leaves little to be desired in a mid-range. The ISO range stretches from 100 to 102400. You also get format support for 12-bit RAW S and 14-bit RAW. Having a smaller resolution and a large sensor, this camera ensures less noise on the images, as well as a better dynamic range for when you are shooting in low light.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

One of the best DSLRs you will find today, this camera comes with a 30 MP CMOS sensor as well as a digital lens optimizer. You get amazing photos with huge amounts of detail. Optical defects are reduced by the smart optimizer technology. You can get 4K videos of real estate as well with this camera.

These are some of the best cameras, which you can use for real estate photography. Using one of these can bring down the need for real estate photo editing services afterwards, not to mention the need for product photo editing as well.