5 Common Lightroom Mistakes Beginners Make

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Lightroom is an incredible tool for professional picture editing and managing. However, it is unfortunate that many beginners discontinue its use after a few days. This is mainly because of some common errors that they make. Below are the major mistakes that beginners to Lightroom tend to make.

Not Understanding the Catalog System

The catalog is the heart of the Lightroom software. Beginners usually tend to make mistakes by not fully understanding the concepts given in the catalog. One of the common mistakes is that they think that Lightroom actually saves the image file, which is not the case actually. Instead, the software stores all the information and stores the image in the hard drive itself. Therefore, the location of the stored files should be given to the Lightroom so that it saves accordingly.

Not Having a Clear Workflow

Many of the beginners are see stuck with the question “where to start working?” Being a professional picture editing software, Lightroom requires a proper workflow. Hence, it is advised to carry out a sequence of steps every time to get the best results. Getting in touch with expert photo editing services would help to learn how to go about that.

Not Organizing the Photos Properly

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Many beginners think of Lightroom as a tool exclusively used for professional picture editing. However, the truth is that it serves many more functions than just editing images. Most importantly, one can sort, tag, rate, and search them by their details. For instance, if someone has a large photo collection, it is very crucial to properly locate your photos and use it when needed. Lightroom makes this job easy by providing several options for the proper arrangement of photos.

Depending Too Much on Presets

Once you start using Lightroom, it is common to use the Presets in the software. These Presets help to boost your workflow rapidly. You also get the chance to try and explore different looks on a photograph and choose the one that suits you the best. However, this becomes a routine and people tend to start analyzing the photograph from an analytical perspective. This is not good for the editing process, as every photograph is unique and requires a different preset. Hence, it is important to study the image first, before moving on to using a preset.

Quitting Too Early

Many beginners make this mistake primarily due to the lack of understanding the overall capabilities of Lightroom. After using the Adobe software for a few months, beginners find their photo files to be completely scattered. They may not even know how to properly use the Develop module to its full potential. So giving up seems better. However, it is worth taking time to explore the features of Lightroom because it is definitely one of the best photo editing tools available. It might take some time, but you can master it with the help of professional photo editing services.