5 Composition Rules you Can Use during Food Photography

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Before taking any picture of food, it is vital to be clear on the kind of story you want it to convey. This idea is what determines the best composition rule to apply. Overlooking this simple step can ruin what could have been a fantastic image. That said, no picture exists which couldn’t benefit from a little bit of photo clipping service. However, when you get to that, clipping path company is here to help.

Composite elements can be used to control which part of a photo attracts the viewer’s eyes. The main objects are focused on, while smaller ones take backseat. Placing the objects in the wrong way can mess up even the best food photos. Following are the best composition rules to use in food photography.

The Golden Ratio

This is the most basic composition rule, which has been in use since the time they first invented the camera. It states that the frame area must be divided into equal parts using two horizontal and vertical lines each. The main objects get placed either along these, or at one of their four points of intersection. The latter are termed “eyesight center”. Experts in clipping path company would agree that these points draw maximum viewer attention.

Diagonal Rule

This rule is commonly used in food photography. The main objects are placed diagonally, creating better dynamic in the photo. Editors at clipping path company know that this works even better if some of the objects are wedge-shaped.

Triangle Rule

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This rule works based on a mathematically derived expression. We will not go into that, but basically, images are best-looking when they have a spiral composition, which needs to be achieved beforehand. The viewer is then able to manipulate this spiral to get to the main object.

Different Heights

Objects can be placed at varying heights for an appealing look. This is a simple thing to do, and breaks the visual monotony of having just a single level that all the objects occupy, which would leave the whole picture looking unforgivably bland. You do not want to subject viewers to that, or they will stop visiting your profile.


Pattern refers to the same or even similar objects appearing recurrently inside the frame. This method is very simple, although the results are always spectacular. Go with this whenever you have the chance, and you will thank us.