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5 Effective Ways for Digitally Enhancing Images

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Digitally Enhancing Images

Digital image editing is important since there will always be imperfections in the image in regards to its exposure and other key elements. Many of the normally occurring issues such as slants, blemishes, unwanted objects, lack of color balance, etc., can all ruin an image. Professional image editing can help in correcting a majority of these issues thus restoring and enhancing the images digitally. The following are some of the effective ways by which images are enhanced digitally.

Using Blur to Divert Attention

The use of appropriate lenses in the camera can aid in obtaining an image with the proper depth of field. This will keep one area of the image in focus blurring out the others to keep the attention of the viewer fixed. However, digital editing allows for blurring out specific portions of the image has wrongly focused portions. Different types of blur such as Gaussian blur are offered in imaging software that can blur specific portions within an image to divert the focus and thus the attention of the viewers on the main subject.

Cropping and Composition

In digital photography, the accurate composition of the image in accordance with the prescribed rules is important to make the image appear more pleasing. A well-composed photograph can guide the eye of the viewer perfectly across the elements distributed within the frame. Most of the deficiencies occur due to a bad composition that results in unwanted objects inside the frame. All this can be corrected during editing by using cropping to reorient the composition and make it appealing.

Alter Brightness, Contrast, Levels, and Curves

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Maintaining the right exposure is crucial for images to look appealing. There are special tools in editing software that help adjust the key exposure features such as brightness, contrast, levels, and curves. The brightness and contrast levels can be adjusted to control and maintain the exposure and thus recreate a balance between the light and dark portions. On the other hand, the levels and curves tool enables to control advanced properties of exposure.

Apply Digital Filters

Image editing software consists of various filters that can be used to apply onto an image. In most cases, images suffer from lack of proper white balancing that can cause the colors to appear different under varied lighting conditions. By applying digital filters, many of these deficiencies in white balance can be corrected by choosing from a range of filters from warm to cool.

Sharpening the Image

Sharpening is a process done via image editing software to enhance the images. Numerous tools and specialized software are available that can sharpen any portion of the image naturally. This will make the image appear sharper thus improving the details and maintain good focus. Sharpening can make an image fit for use specifically in creating high quality and detailed prints.