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9 Easy Steps to Make a Photoshop Collage

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The modern way to tell your story is neither through a video nor through a gallery of pictures, but with a photo collage. Collage is often like an art and there are more than enough apps you can use to make a collage. You know that photo editing services always provide you with high-quality images. Still, a photo collage is something you can try by yourself with some powerful apps such as the Adobe Photoshop. Given below are the step-by-step instructions to follow in Photoshop in order to make a perfect collage.

Open the Selected Images in Photoshop

After selecting the pictures, which you need to add in the collage, open those in Photoshop. Note that you need to pick at least three pictures to make a collage, and it will be best to select a maximum of eight to avoid cluttering.

Create a New File

Go to File > New and create a new file. Make it slightly larger than the size you want in the end; the preferable size for photo collage is 20×30 inches at a resolution of 1500 Pixels Per Inch (PPI).

Add your Images One at a Time

Go to one of the open images and select the Marquee tool.  Press Ctrl + A > Ctrl + C > go to the new file you created and press Ctrl + V. Now the image will be in a new document; to adjust the size, press Ctrl + T.

Create your Layout

After having all the images added, create the layout according to how you want the overall collage to look. Though the most commonly used style is the symmetric one, you can shift the images around to get your own unique style of collage.

Add Image Spacing

Create a thin white border between the images to give a bit of visual space; however, this step is optional. If you want to adjust the space, go to the Image Layer you want to move and shift the direction using arrow keys.

Merge All Layers

Once you have a good layout and the photos are spaced according to your choice, merge all the layers, using the Ctrl + Shift + E shortcut key combination.

Crop the Final Image

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After merging the layers, crop out any extra space around the edges to make the collage even. If the outer white border is narrow, you do not need to crop it as long as the collage looks even all around.

Resize for Online Usage

You should resize the final image to make your collage fit your social media needs. After that is done, save the image in JPEG format for future use of the collage.

Add a Watermark if Desired

Photo editing services suggest adding a watermark or logo on the collage to make it appear professional. This step is optional though; if you do add a watermark, make sure to save the collage in JPEG format again.