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A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop Image Clipping

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As you would probably know, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most commonly used photo editing software applications. There are plenty of excellent features and handy tools in Adobe Photoshop, which allows image clipping companies to bring the desired results to digital images without compromising their quality. One of the most commonly used Adobe Photoshop tools is undoubtedly the Pen tool. Photo editors use this tool to perform image clipping and editing works.

Individual customers and businesses who are new to the world of image clipping and photo editing might not know what clipping path really is. In simple words, clipping path can be defined as an image background removal process that is carried out by using the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. This handy tool is used to replace, remove, change, or cut out the background of a digital image. In addition to that, this tool also allows photo editors to improve the overall appeal of the image and make it suitable for using in advertising and marketing platforms.

Why Clipping Path

It is significant to note that the editing process of Photoshop image clipping is used by a wide variety of users. If the background of your product image does not seem that appealing or attractive to you, then it is best not to use the image on your online store and official website. This is because internet users will not find your image captivating and they will prefer not to check out your products.

On the other hand, images with suitable and attractive background do have the unique ability to capture the attention of internet users and your potential customers. So, you should get in touch with an experienced clipping path company and ask them to edit your image. The photo editors from professional clipping path companies will have a clear idea on how to use the Pen tool in Photoshop, which will in turn help you to bring a professional touch to your ordinary digital images. Some of the most popular clipping services offered by photo editing companies are the following.

Background Removal

As mentioned, Photoshop image clipping is used for the sole purpose of removing the background of an image. The Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop allows photo editors to cut out the background from an image with ease. In addition to that, image clipping process will also help you to add a neat and clean background to your product images.

Garment Image Clipping

Most of the digitally captured garnet images do contain a few issues and distracting elements in their background. In such a scenario, photo editors use the Pen tool in Photoshop to cut out the distracting items and object from the background of garment images. This will considerably improve the beauty of the images and make them look stunning to viewers.

Color Correction

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Color correction is one of the most commonly performed photo editing processes and it helps you to balance or adjust the color tones in digital images. Photo editors often perform advanced color correction on digital images with the help of multiple clipping paths to separately adjust the color of different areas in the image.

Web Image Optimization

The best thing about Photo image clipping is that it allows photo editors to easily optimize images. Perfectly optimizing your images for different social media platforms and websites will surely allow you to lure in more customers to your offerings. In addition to that, it will do wonders to your digital marketing efforts. So, make sure to properly optimize your digital images before using them for marketing and advertising purposes.

Ornament and Toy Photo Editing

Digital images of some curved shaped products like spoon, book, egg, ring, plate, and balls may contain a few distracting objects in their background. In such cases, photo editors will have to perform advanced clipping path on these images to remove the items and to make them look a little bit more appealing to others.

Hiring a Clipping Path Company

There will plenty of photo editing and retouching services who offer clipping services near your area. So, you should try to learn more about each one of these companies by checking their websites and social media accounts. In addition to that, you should try to get in touch with the previous customers of your preferred clipping path company, as it will help you to determine whether they offer reliable and customer-friendly service or not.

Another important thing you need to remember is that most photo editing and clipping path companies usually do sample works for their new clients. So, get in touch with your preferred clipping path and request them to do a sample for you. If you are satisfied with the quality of their work and price, then check their pricing and packages carefully before you hire them.