A Comparison between GIMP and Paint.NET

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Paint.NET and GIMP are fairly different, so knowing which one is best for photo editing can be tricky. For most individuals, choosing the right professional picture editing tool is a balancing act. The decision pertains to the choice of free software that will get the job done vis-à-vis a paid one that has powerful tools. If you are looking for a program to edit your professionally taken photos, then Paint.NET and GIMP are two names which will crop up.

The Basic Details

Paint.NET is a Windows-only software program, and while it can be downloaded for free from the website of the developer, one also has the option to buy it from Microsoft Store. However, there is no obligation to choose the paid version of the program, and an editor will not miss out on anything if they opt for the free version.

GIMP is not just available for Windows, but it is available also for Linux and Mac OS. It is very powerful and is often billed as a substitute for Adobe Photoshop, the go-to program of the image clipping professionals. Like Photoshop, GIMP is also used by image clipping experts for basic editing and advanced tasks such as cutting out an object.


There is no doubt the powerful program is GIMP, but that does not mean it is certainly the best of the two. Both Paint.NET and GIMP support layers and have basic editing tools and options which one would reasonably hope to find.

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However, even a glance at the toolbars and menus of GIMP would make it clear it is the most feature-rich program of the two, and you will find many Photoshop-style tools like the perspective tool, the healing brush, among others. There are powerful level and color correct options, masking and path creation options and much more in GIMP. It has everything an editor would need to unleash the creative side in them.

Paint.NET is also a fine software program that is more than capable for your tasks. You will find everything you require not just for daily edits, but also for special occasion edits which could do well with some amount of creativity from your side. It has support for layers, in addition to a range of adjustment filters, effects and so forth.

Both software programs support brush tools, but the handling of this in GIMP is rather more advanced. Paint.NET and GIMP can be used to edit photos, but the assortment of tools in the former means it is capable as a program for creating original works.