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A Helpful Guide to Layer Tool in Photoshop

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Without any doubts, an appealing photo is sure to draw the attention of people, be it your personal photograph or commercial ones. Thankfully, there are many photo editing companies around that offer the best photo editing services to cater to your demands.

Importance of Pho Editing in Real Estate

It is to be noted that photo editing has got a major role in the field of business; consider real estate, for instance. In this case, an enhanced image of your property is more likely to attract potential buyers when compared to an unedited image. You can even hire professionals, who provide the best real estate photo editing services, in order to get help with this.

There are also some apps and software, that offer as efficient results as professional photo editing does; Photoshop is one of the best picks. There are many useful tools in this ultimate app, which are commonly used by most of the photo editing companies in order to yield better results. Below is a quick look at one of the most excellent tools in Photoshop, the Layer tool.

Layer Tool

Layers are considered as one of the most organizational tools in Photoshop. The Adjustment Layer in the app will make it possible to stack different PSD (Photoshop Document) files in an appealing and sensible way. Hence, real estate photo editing services also use this option in order to stack the images of various properties or different images of a single property together. Here, you can easily manipulate the layer of an image without disturbing the original photo.

How does it Work?

There are different types of layers available in Photoshop. For instance, consider the Type Layer that is used to add text to a given image. Furthermore, you can also add different effects to your image such as highlights, shadows, etc., by using the Layer Style option. In case you want to adjust the colors in a given portrait, Curves Adjustment Layer is the thing.

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There are mainly three things that you must consider in Layer tool in order to manipulate an image:

  • Adjustment Layers – This is to manipulate an image without destroying the original one. Here, you may duplicate an image in order to preserve its original one and then, do the necessary changes.
  • Layer Masks – This is suitable if you want to manipulate certain areas of your image. Note that when you add an Adjustment Mask to an image, it will also add a white Layer Mask to the image automatically.
  • Smart Object – You can do anything to an image using a Smart Object, without affecting its quality. This is really a boon to the photo editing companies as they have to work on a lot of images in a short timeframe.

Remember, mastering the tools in any software needs time and patience. So if you do not have the luxury to wait for the results, it is best to hire professionals for quick real estate photo editing services.