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A Quick Overview Of Drone Image Editing

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Drone Image Editing

Builders seek photo retouching services to create brochures and marketing collaterals or the website gallery. The following services are done by editors to improve aerial shots taken on a drone camera. They are all important in the larger context of real estate, and not just associated with drone cam images per se.

  • Image Retouching: Uses editorial techniques to improve the clarity of portions on a skyline photo.
  • Image Enhancement: Alters the color contrast, brightness, and color tones using image enhancement tools. Editors are well versed with HDR editing techniques.
  • Perspective Correction: This manually or automatically corrects a jumbled image for the betterment of view.
  • Removing Objects: Retouches unwanted objects popped up in the image background or somewhere in the image.
  • Image Stitching: Uses PTGUI (Panorama Tools Graphical User Interface) to attach multiple images to a single image.
  • Color Cast Removal: Enhances a captured image, with proper color-white balance.
Photo Retouching Services
Image Retouching Services

Adding quality to the aerial shots take on a drone camera is a joyful task for an experienced editor. Drones access beyond an altitude as per the settings used based on the direction of wind. The aerial shots, in particular, are taken from way above the ground level. The most prominent editing tasks done on an aerial snap include:

  • Editing the cam flash expose, shadow, and reflection, if any;
  • Correcting image blurs, tweaks faded edges of an image; and
  • Retouching the aerial shot taken outdoors.

An experienced editor gives a retouched image the size of a wide angle shot or as per the settings involved. In fact, it is the photographer or a representative of a real estate website that take the shot regarding settings. Not all images would require object removal, although image stitching is usually done on most of the drone cam photos. The motto should be either edit or submit to the skill of an editor depending on the quality of the captured image.