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Adding Functionality To Photoshop CC With Free Extensions

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The Photoshop program has so many features, which are meant to increase the quality of the work that is done using it. The truth is that it has several features, which are not commonly used by the people. However, Photoshop offers the user an option to use free extensions to improve the functioning of the program.  On the Windows menu, you can see Photoshop CC inviting you to “Find Extensions on Exchange…”

How To Find Extensions

You can browse the Adobe Exchange Site to find the appropriate extensions. You should find out if the extension you are downloading is compatible with your use. It will be a waste of time and space if you download an extension that will not install. Keep in mind that it is not so common for the free extensions to be up to date.

How To Install Extensions

You may use the ZXP Installer or Anastasiy’s Extension Manager to install the extension. You just need to drag the .zxp file onto the app. The next time you open the program, the extension will be available for you to use. You may install or uninstall the extensions by using the Creative Cloud Desktop app of Adobe as well. If the latter does not work for you, you can try the former.

Free Extensions For Photoshop CC In 2019

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Here are three handy extensions that you can use for your Photoshop CC program in 2019.

  • Interactive Luminosity Masks (Sven Stork): This extension can be of great help in your photo editing services using Photoshop. It can be used even when you want to make some local edits. This feature helps you to select different regions of luminosity in a picture, which you are editing. You will be able to adjust the tone or contrast of a particular area alone, without changing the other regions. The picker and zone mask of the extension helps you to make a customized choice as well.
  • Adobe Paper Textures Pro (Russell Brown): You may add paper textures to your photos using this extension. You can make the extension worthy of using without any cost. This can be done by downloading full-res texture images freely from some other sources. It will make your editing work more effective.
  • Interactive Blender Panel (Sven Stork): This extension works to blend the pictures based on their tone. The blending will be only for the particular ones and the remaining photos will remain unblended.

You can explore and find out more free extensions that are compatible with the version of Photoshop you use.