Advantages of Mastering the Transformation Tool in Photoshop

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The growth of photo editing over the past few years has been phenomenal. Currently, there are a number of photo editing services available all around that let you enhance photos for either personal needs or for commercial purposes. The application of photo manipulation in the field of business, however, is really crucial.

For instance, if you are an online business, you can easily highlight the best aspect of your image of your product by availing product photo editing or image clipping. It is to be noted that an enhanced photo of the product is more likely to attract potential buyers when compared to a normal image.

Furthermore, you can also use image editing apps to do some of the simple manipulations to an image. With reference to that, one of the best photo editors that every product photo editing company counts on, is Adobe Photoshop. In this editor, there are certain tools you must master in order to do make  manipulations with a professional touch. One such tool is the transformation tool.

What is the Transformation Tool in Photoshop?

The transformation tool is perfect to resize, distort, wrap, and transform a given image. This is one of the major tools used in product photo editing, in order to make photos more appealing. The tool functions by pushing the pixels in an image and moving them into different places as per requirement.


Using the transformation tool, you can reorganize or resize all the layers involved in the photo editing process, or creative photo compositing. You can easily transform the layers into different sizes by clicking the Shift key or Ctrl key, followed by dragging the pointer.

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Similarly, you can also rotate the image and reshape it using this tool. The options you will see in the transformation tool which facilitate the rotation of an image include Rotate 1800, Flip Vertical, Flip Horizontal, Rotate 900 Clockwise, and Rotate 900 Counterclockwise. In order to rotate, choose the curved sign in the corner, and simply drag it up or down to see how the image rotates.

In case you want to make shapes for the chosen layer, press Ctrl and drag the pointer. This is helpful, especially when you want to fix certain paintings or images in a specified area. Apart from this, you can also stretch or shrink an image using the transformation tool. Most photo editing services avail this tool for efficient results.