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Age Progression Photo Effect Tutorial for Beginners

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Age Progression Photo Effect

The process of photo editing is actually an art, and hence, only skilled people can do it with the utmost perfection. This explains the phenomenal rise of photo editing companies in the recent times. Their professional picture editing skills are sure to draw the attention of each and every person directly towards your image. This will be really helpful in the commercial field.

For instance, consider the real estate field. Here, you can rely on any of the best photo editing companies in order to enhance the property pictures you post online. This way, you are more likely to attract potential buyers through your ad listings. In case you are into ecommerce business, you can also draw the attention of buyers to your products with the help of professional picture editing services.

You can also depend on photo editing companies in order to enhance your personal photographs. However, when it comes to the number of personal photographs, there will be no limit because most people tend to capture as many memories as they can. So, it will not be practical to depend on photo editing companies in order to enhance your each and every photo. Luckily, there are many photo editing apps and software available in the market, which are ideal for both beginners and veterans to manipulate their photos. Even though you will not get a finish as that of professional picture editing, this will be enough to do some simple manipulations.

Editing Photos in Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to photo editing apps, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular options. In fact, most of the photo editing companies recommend their customers to try Photoshop in order to do some simple image editing and photo manipulations. There are many editing techniques, which you can try in Photoshop such as Instagram-like effects, age progression, Lomo effect, vintage effects, light leaks, and many more. Below is the tutorial for age progression photo effect that you may try. Note that the settings given below may change with the type of image you choose.

Age Progression Effect

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Everybody will become aged and undergo many physical changes with time. So, it will be really interesting to know how you will look after ten or twenty years from now. As you get aged, there will be some predictable changes on your face. For instance, consider the notable changes like wrinkles, spots, skin darkness, grey hair, eyes that sunk into the sockets, etc. With the help of the below Photoshop tutorial, you can simulate each of these changes on a person’s face almost as perfectly as the professionals in the photo editing companies do.

For this, you will have to choose an image of an elderly person first, and then, add it to the photo of a younger person. The crucial thing that you must notice while choosing the resource image of an elderly model is that he/she must have similar facial features as that of the younger model, such as the physical build, ethnicity, bone structure, etc. Now, follow the steps given below.

  • Open the image of a young person in Photoshop and create a copy of the image by choosing New option followed by Layer via Copy from the Layer
  • Choose the Spot Healing Brush and heal all the bruises on the face of the model; you cannot see the current bruises after a decade or more.
  • Next step is to make the model bald. For this, select the Lasso Tool and make a rough selection along the hairline. Then, remove as much hair as you prefer by using the Patch Tool.
  • Now do the structural changes such as pronounced ear, sunken eyeballs, decreased neck to jaw ratio, etc. You can stimulate these effects by choosing the Liquify Tool. Note that you cannot expect to get a perfect result at the first time; there will be some touchups to be done after the initial manipulations. Hence, it will be better to use it as a smart filter. For this, go to Layers option, select Smart Objects and click on Convert to Smart Objects. After this, choose Liquify option from the Filter
  • Next, make the nose of the model more bulbous. For this, you can use a Bloat Tool. Note that it is recommended to choose a brush size that is just smaller than the model’s nose tip.
  • Reduce the size of that brush after bloating the nose in order to puff up the ears. Take care not to push in the sides of the head by accident. Otherwise, it will create an out-of-shaped effect, which will be touchy. Hence, it is suitable to do the manipulations gently by taking your own time. This is the key rule that most photo editing companies follow.
  • Use Pucker Tool and reduce the size of the eyes in order to make it look sunken into the sockets.
  • Tighten the lips by choosing Forward Warp Tool and pushing it down and up on the ridges of the top lip and bottom edge of the lower lip respectively. In case you find any irregular distortions, smoothen it out by using the Soft Tool. Do the same for the jaw lines as well.
  • Darken the skin by setting the Fuzziness in the Skin Tones option to 50 and manipulate the Adjustment Layer by setting the Opacity and Hue to 70% and 23 respectively.
  • After this, set the Saturation and Lightness in the Adjustment Layer to -89 and 3 in order to lighten the hair
  • Select the wrinkled areas in the images of the elderly model using a Lasso Tool and paste it into the image of the younger model. After this, select the Warp option in order to contour the selection perfectly to the new face. Do the same method to add age spots as well.
  • Finally, use a Soft Round Brush and paint all those areas that appear to be soft and smooth such as skin around the throat, ridges of cheeks, etc.