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An Overview Of Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Real Estate Retouching
360-Degree Panorama Stitching

HDR photographers use various exposures and different lighting conditions to capture the real estate photos and permanent fixtures in a property. All the issues that may hamper an image are eliminated prior to retouching, and for that, real estate photo editing services rely on techniques such as colorcast removal, perspective correction, and image bracketing.

Where colorcast removal enhances the color balance and depth of color in various portions of the photograph, perspective correction corrects the image distortions. Image bracketing, on the other hand, involves editing a photograph with distinct exposures and resolutions.

Professional photo editors make use of HDR image blending techniques to enhance the quality of a real estate photograph. The HDR image editing is one of the key functions in real estate photo editing services, and one that blends two images with distinct composition and brightness. Professional image editors make use of tone mapping as well to bring out the desirable outputs that clients seek.

This is complemented by real estate retouching such as 360-degree panorama stitching and the techniques involved in that include dodging, burning, noise reduction, and image sharpening. Moreover, dusk to dawn conversion will retouch photographs to make consumers feel that the property image was snapped at night rather than in daytime – adding clouds and well-lit stars to the backdrop of a photo will do the job.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services
HDR Image Blending Techniques

To make a clean and appealing panorama, real estate photo editing services will do minute post-processing works such as cleaning the unwanted background from the property photograph. If the room furniture or interior walls have wear and tear, then real estate retouching will improve that for making the interiors look fresh.

In some cases, the lightning will be satisfactory for outdoor shoots, whereas in other cases, especially when shooting indoors, natural light may not trespass stained glass windows of a building hence color cast may appear on the photo. The light emitting from windows may also induce a blue colorcast, while chandeliers may induce a yellow colorcast. When removing the colorcast and balancing colors in a panorama, real estate photo editing services will isolate the walnut panels from the rest of the image to restore the natural color of interiors, so that the room may look as real as when visiting in person.