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Basic Differences between Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation

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Digital photography has become vital nowadays for any kind of purpose such as in documenting an event to creating appealing images for e-commerce. Since the images are captured and stored digitally, it opens up countless possibilities in the field of professional picture editing. Digital images can be altered to such an extent to make it virtually indistinguishable from the original image. Because of this, it is used widely for several purposes such as e-commerce, real estate, fashion, etc.

The extent to which digital images can be edited is far greater. This means that a professional photo editing service can tone up an improperly shot image and make it better looking for presenting on any of the e-commerce sites or other platforms. The digital image is stored in the form of values that makes it easier to edit and alter the appearance and properties of the entire image. Besides, there are numerous industry-standard image editing software available, which can edit and manipulate almost all part of the image.

Editing and manipulating is entirely different in the process of image editing. Both differ over some key factors and understanding this will help one clearly differentiate the two and apply it to the images.

Image Editing

Image editing refers to the process of enhancing the key components and parameters of an image. It is used primarily for making the images appear perfect and without any of the defects occurred while capturing it. If an image suffers from a lack of brightness, exposure, contrast, or increased saturation, image editing can help in adjusting these values until the image appears perfect and well balanced.

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Besides, it can also be used to change the properties that appear in an image. One such method used by professional photo editing service providers is the removal and adding of skies, removing any background objects, as well as eliminating any other blemishes in the image. Through image editing, the values of the photos are adjusted by using an imaging software in order to make it appealing and free of any flaws.

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation differs entirely from the process of editing by the fact that it focuses on altering the elements that appear in the frame. It is the process by which the entire appearance of the image is manipulated by the addition of secondary elements and by enhancing the existing elements in the image.

Some examples of image manipulation include the addition of birds into the sky, altering the entire backgrounds, carrying out alterations in the faces and other properties within the image, etc. Digital image manipulation is an entirely new method in professional photo editing service, yet it comes with countless possibilities. The advancement in imaging software has led to the growth of image manipulation and its uses in different fields.