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Basic Tips for Retouching Portraits in Photoshop

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Photo editing has become very crucial in almost every field these days, be it personal photographs, business, or real estate. In case of business enterprises, a good quality photo is sure to draw potential customers rather than mere words. For a real estate owner, what will be a better option than using an appealing image of the property in order to attract the potential buyers? No wonder, the number of photo editing companies is skyrocketing in the country nowadays.

Currently, it is a raging trend to click the images in portrait mode, which is sure to give you an outstanding image of professional quality. Still, there might be some flaws in the image as most people clicking these images are not professionally skilled. For such images, professional photo retouching services is a boon. You can also achieve almost the same effect using Photoshop photo editor. Below are some of the important steps that you must not ignore while manipulating portrait images.


Although often overlooked by the beginners, culling is one of the important steps in the photo editing process that is used by professionals. This is the process of selecting the best images from a pile or a shoot for editing. If you do not choose the right photo with the right light conditions and exposure, you might not get the desired output. A key thing that you must keep in mind while culling images is to choose a photo with natural pose rather than the animated one.

Camera Raw

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Most people have a misconception that camera raw is a place where the application of various filter and other adjustments are done to the image. Actually, it is a base on which you can continue the editing process, not the part where you will get amazing results. The main adjustments that you can do in camera raw include adjusting the white balance, bringing back some details that are present in the highlights, etc. Furthermore, take care not to make the global adjustments for contrast, saturation, exposure, etc., in this stage. Else, the chances of having toning issues on the image will be more in the final product.

Spot Healing

Another basic thing that is inevitable while retouching portrait images is the spot healing step. This process is employed to get rid of all the blemishes, eye bags, stray hairs, back dots, etc. To do this, simply select the healing brush of appropriate size from the side panel and click on all the areas of the image where you can see spots or blemishes. For a proper view, it is better to enlarge the image before using the healing brush tool. After this, do a frequency separation as well in order to fix the mismatched skin tones of the subject in the image.