Basic Tools in Photoshop to Amplify your Images

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In the current society, photo manipulation is raging in the field of photography for personal as well as commercial purposes. Why not, an edited photo is sure to flatter more viewers when compared to normal photos. This is really crucial in the field of business as an enhanced photo can easily attract potential buyers.

Luckily, there are many photo editing companies around that offer the best photo editing services catered to your needs. It is better to rely on any of such photo editing companies for a professional quality result or for commercial purposes. However, if you just need some simple editing to your photo, you can try out any of the image editing apps. Having said that, Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing apps, and if you master some of the tools in the app, you can easily manipulate a photo almost like a professional.

Selection Tool

For a quality photo that reflects professional quality, appropriate selection or choosing suitable pixels is crucial. In simple words, by means of selection, you are actually choosing and sorting a particular set of pixels. With this, you can do almost everything in photo editing such as resizing an image, coloring, applying effects, and whatnot. Furthermore, there are mainly two types of selections in Photoshop; direct selection tool and path selection tool.

Masking Tool

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Most of the photo editing companies that offer the best photo editing services make use of a mask tool for better results. A masking tool is used to show or hide certain pixels in an image. By applying a back color onto a mask, you can easily hide the pixels behind the mask, and by using white color, you can make the pixels visible. This is mainly used while doing background removal, image clipping, etc. Some of the common types of masking include layer masking, simple masking, alpha masking, etc.

Brush Tool

Brush tool can do wonders in image manipulation, especially for adjustment layer editing and masking. In fact, it can be considered as a digital painting tool. It is to be noted that there are varieties of brush tools for different works such as clearing the blemishes, softening an area, removing red-eye, etc. In most cases, two types of brush tools are commonly used – the healing brush and the history brush. The former one is to remove a spot or any blemishes from an image, whereas the latter is used to bring back that spot in the image.