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Basics of Apparel Photo Editing and Retouching

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Apparel Photo Editing

There are actually three common ways to shoot apparels – flat, on a hanger or mannequin, and on a model. These images captured are then edited and retouched as needed (light, medium, or heavy levels of retouching). Outdoor apparels usually call for raw natural looks, while the luxury brands will need a glamorous appearance. Photo editing services can help you achieve any appearance that you are looking to have.

Garment Retouching

The general principles of garment retouching are almost the same, regardless of the way used to shoot the apparel. In garment retouching, the biggest concerns are shape and cleanup. While shooting garment samples, the images will not be perfect and they have to be edited to achieve the desired look. The stylist will be able to fix some issues thorough preparing the garment for the photo shoot, but what can be done if the color is off, or if one leg is longer than the other? This is where product photo editing can help you.

Photo editing can help fix issues that cannot be solved in the studio. Below are some common types of retouching processes used by photo editing services.

Light Retouching

This type of retouching focuses on replacement and removal of the unwanted items. In this retouching, evidences of wear, style, and manufacture defects are removed and include removing pins, dust, loose threads, and stitching issues. Light retouching also take care of packaging and styling creases and also include recreating areas after removing props like wire hands, hangers, or mannequin necks. Light retouching is usually preferred when the available budget is modest.

Medium Retouching

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This type of retouching also focuses on cleaning but also includes shape smoothing. Everything that is done in the light retouching stage is performed here together with making more decisions on aesthetics. For instance, you will be getting rid of the packaging creases. In addition, you will also be removing folds and creases from misfits or styling issues. Medium retouching will also focus on the outer shape of the apparel.

Heavy Retouching

This type of retouching focuses on detailing the imprints, shadows, and consistency of the apparel. All the things done on the medium level retouching is performed here, together with extra image retouching services. In this type of retouching, not only the hard shadows are removed, but contrast and shadows are corrected and the highlights made by creases are removed. This type of retouching is a much more subtle approach that can be used to improve the looks of images with difficult fabrics.