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Basics Of Image Editing

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Image editing is the process of altering the images to add or remove any of the elements within the frame, thereby making it presentable for any kind of medium. With the coming of new advancements in the field of imaging such as digital photography, the role of professional picture editing has got further intensified and important.

Editing is crucial because the image obtained directly from a camera usually contains many inconsistencies in its key parameters such as exposure, color, white balance, etc. Photo editing involves numerous postproduction techniques that can effectively correct such inconsistencies and alter an image so that all of its values remain balanced, thereby offering more appeal to the image.

Basics Of Editing

Image editing is essentially based on manipulating and tweaking the digital information that makes up an image. For raster images, the information is stored in the form of pixels that contain several properties of the image such as brightness and color. Photo editing professional alters the individual pixels distributed within an image. These pixels are changed via the use of various tools and processes inbuilt on image editing software. Vector images, on the other hand, store image information on the basis of lines, Bezier curves, and text rather than pixels.

Key Features Of Image Editing

An image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom is used for adjusting all the major properties of the image such as color, hue, exposure, sharpness, white balance, etc. The process of image editing involves several basic features, some of which are described below.


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Selection is one of the most basic tasks involved in professional picture editing. It is the process by which parts of an image are selected using a tool for applying any changes to that portion without influencing the whole image. Various tools in image editing software such as marquee tool, magic wand tool, lasso tool, and pen tool are used for the process of selecting parts of an image.


The use of layers is another commonly used technique in photo editing. Similar to transparent sheets placed atop each other, layers allow editors to carry out various adjustments to the image. Each of the layers can be separately altered, oriented, and blended, without affecting any other layers used in the image.

Cropping And Objects Removal

Cropping is another method used in image editing that allows creating a new image by selecting a rectangular portion from the image using specific tools. Removing unwanted elements within the image is also a basic aspect of image editing. This process ensures that the image is free of any elements that distract the viewer from the subject.