Batch Editing Using Photoshop Elements

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The significance of photo editing has grown so much these days mainly because of some social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest that promote professional quality creative images. The number of people entering into the field of photography is also skyrocketing. This made it even easier to avail professional photo editing service.

An enhanced photo is sure to attract people when compared to an unedited one. Otherwise, you must be capable of taking flawless pictures, which is not always possible. Fortunately, there are many photo editing companies out there that serve the purpose, but if you cannot avail a professional photo editing service, there are many photo editing apps that you can try too.

In fact, many of the professional photo editing companies also make use of some simple editing apps. Still, Photoshop remains one of the most popular and commonly used image editing apps that are used in professional photo editing service.

Batch Editing

Almost every person clicks on around hundreds of images even if they wear a new cloth or purchase any stuff. The number of photos that people may take during their holiday cannot be even counted and it will be really challenging to edit each and every photo from the set. In such case, batch edit option will be insanely helpful; with this, you can easily edit, resize, and organize a pile of images within minutes. Below are the steps that you have to follow in Adobe Photoshop to do batch editing.

  • First, sort out all the photos that you want to edit together and put them in a single folder; raw versions will be best for batch editing.
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    Now, open your folder in Photoshop Elements and note the size of your images. If they are too large, there are chances that it may not be suitable for uploading on Instagram and Pinterest. Hence, it is better to resize such photos while editing.

  • After this, begin editing by choosing Process Multiple Files… option from the File Then, a charcoal colored box will appear, in which, there will be some options that you can use to batch edit your images, such as File Name, Image Size, Quick Fix, and Labels.
  • Choose the Source Folder to get the photos as well as the Destination Folder to save the edited photos directly there. Press OK after selecting all the required options.
  • The batch editing will start then and it will take some time to complete the process based on the number of photos that you choose.