Best Practices to Follow While Sharing Product Images

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Offer Alternate Views

We all understand the importance of sharing product images on online stores. These images can be the most important element of product listings. In fact, the difference between amateur and professional product images can easily make or break sales in your online store. Product images effectively communicate the details of the item in ways the description cannot. It is the image that the shoppers see first as they need to ensure that the product matches with their expectations.

Online shopping carts are all about convenience. One important thing that this experience lacks is the chance for the customers to handle the products physically. Sharing high-quality images of the products from various angles can help to fill this gap by offering the visitors with the necessary information. When the visitors are able to access the information easily, they are likely to come back to your site for more. Some of the best practices that you should follow while sharing product images are shared below.

Share Only High Quality Images

It is absolutely important to share high-quality images on e-commerce sites. Make sure that the visitors get to see the clearest possible images of the products and professional picture editing and product photo editing companies can help you in achieving this goal. Always keep in mind that high quality images are integral part of any online store.

Share an Image for Each Color Variation

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Sharing Product Images

If the product offered in the store is available in various colors, it will be a wise idea to share an image for each of the variant. Buyers will appreciate it if they have the option to view how the product will look like in the color of their choice, when opposed to having to imagine it. In addition, you will need to ensure that it is easy to zoon in the product image to check out the details. An important thing to note about zooming is that the product image should remain clear even when it is enlarged.

Offer Alternate Views

Images offering alternate views are another important feature that your e-commerce website should have. Make sure that the visitor is able to look at the product from different angles. Offer images of the product from every angles and proximities to provide a good idea to the visitors as to how the product will look like in reality. It is also a great idea to share images that shows the product in use.