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Blurring the background in a real estate or other photo is a thing that is done commonly. Sometimes there is too much detail in that area which impairs the overall quality of the scene, and this is when photo editing services or photo retouching services are availed in order to improve the bigger picture. Lightroom is one software which lets you blur the background of an image using easy steps.

Import the Image

Click on the Import button that you find in the left bottom corner of the program, and click on this. Alternatively, to make things easier, you can drag the image file and drop it in the middle of the canvas.

Head to the Develop Module

You will probably be in the Library module, in which case you need to switch over to the Develop module. You can just press D to toggle.

Pick the Adjustment Brush

The Adjustment Brush needs to be activated. When you see the several effects come up on the screen under that, you will also see the word New. With the brush panel, you can either use something preset or make your own custom effect. If you choose the latter, you will need to specify the size of the brush, choose a feather, and specify the Flow.

Make a Background Mask

  • You need to first see whether the “Show Selected Mask Overlay” has been activated when the program powered up. If yes, then the original file does not get affected, and any changes made already would be marked in red for clarity.
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  • After setting the mask, you can start painting over those parts of the image where the blurring needs to be done. Keep at it till you change the whole of the background to red. See that all of the objects in the front retain their original color.
  • Brushes of varying sizes may be needed while you paint over the existing background, and so would changes in the parameters like flow and feather.

Fine-Tune the Blur

After you are done painting, you can turn off “Show Selected Mask Overlay”. Make changes to the “Clarity” and “Sharpness” values as needed. After it’s all done, you can go back to the “Library” module after saving changes.

That was on blurring the background using Lightroom. This is a simple enough process which you can complete in less than 15 minutes for most regular photos.

Blurring the Image in Lightroom
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