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Calibrate Your Images Using These Simple Techniques

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Color calibration is one of the common photo editing techniques used by professional Photoshop services and photo editing companies. This exceptional photo editing technique is capable of measuring and adjusting the color response of both output and input images. Color calibration helps photo editors to bring the trueness of naturally captured colors on digital photos.

Calibration is ideal for giving a professional touch to images. The absence of color calibration in digital images will result in inaccurate tone and color, and this will reflect badly when you are printing your photos. Photo editors generally adjust the gamma, color temperature, and black and white luminance of images during color calibration.  Here is how to tweak your display settings for color calibration.

Display Device

It is of significant importance to understand the capability of your display device or monitor. Check for the color depth of your monitor and if it is 8 bits per pixel, then the monitor will display colors with greater depths. Using display devices with color depth of 6 bits per pixel are not capable of displaying images with a wide range of colors.

Display Settings

Make variations in the color, contrast ratio, and brightness on your images in order to go with the output. If your system supports a graphic card, then use its settings to bring an excellent quality to your display outputs. Majority of the graphic cards including AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, supports tweaking for display features and better colors.

Setting Color Temperature

This technique should be performed based on your display device or monitor. It is highly recommended to set your display a bit cooler than daylight at D65 or 6500K, if you are using CRT monitors. However, in case of LCD monitors, it is wiser to keep the color temperature setting intact. This is because the chances for reducing color gamut are higher while adjusting the temperature setting of an LCD monitor.

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Calibrating Using Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most efficient photo editing software, and it is widely used by professional photo editing services. Photoshop is ICC (International Color Consortium) responsive, capable of capturing display colors and shades perfectly, and brings an exceptional quality to any ordinary image. Users can adjust the gamma settings through the Adobe Gamma feature in Photoshop, which in turn, offers an enhanced view of images in your display devices.