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How Chromatic Aberration Affects Images

While capturing an image, several defects occur that can negatively influence the appearance and quality of an image. Most of this is a result of the limitations of the imaging device and its components mainly the lenses. Chromatic aberration is one such defect that can affect the image as it brings about certain color variations. […]

Using Adobe Lightroom Tools for Skin Smoothening

Photo retouching is one of the most popular and widely used photo editing techniques that can easily bring a fresh and attractive to your ordinary digital images. Smoothening textures in portraits and removing spots, blemishes, wrinkles, and marks from the face of your model has all been pretty much easier with the process of photo […]

How Lens Flare and Ghosting Effect can Transform an Image

There are several means by which the appeal of an image is enhanced in professional picture editing. Lens flares and ghosting are a commonly used technique that can transform an image and make it more lively and vibrant. These are not actually techniques, but an optical effect that arises when bright sources of light like […]

How Photo Retouching can Augment the Appeal of your Family Portraits

Family portraits are one of the most valuable possessions that we could ever have and we all love to send these portraits to our friends and family members on special occasions. However, most of us fail to realize the fact that we can make our family portraits a lot more attractive and appealing by seeking […]

Understanding Popular Terminologies in Photo Editing

Jargons used in photo editing can be much confusing to the clients, especially for those clients who are new to the business. There are many technical terms used by photo editing services and an understanding of these terms can help businesses select the best service provider for them. Below are some of the important technical […]

Parameters Of Product Photo Editing For E-Commerce Products

Optimized photographs will help consumers understand the features of a product when they visit an e-commerce portal. E-commerce portals often use product photos with legibility for converting regular consumers into prospect buyers. Product photo editing for e-commerce will work on certain parameters to enhance the legibility of product photos as explained below. Usage of Ghost […]

How Professional Photo Editing Overcomes Common Mistakes In Images

Photo editing has become more accessible today with the increased usage of computers and other devices. This, along with the availability of various imaging software, has led many to take photos and editing it in their own way. Although a great way to learn and apply numerous customizations to an image, editing images on one’s […]

Importance Of Histograms In Photo Editing

Image editing is a complex process that involves the application of numerous techniques and corrections in order to obtain the desired final image. Professional photo editing software such as Photoshop is used in this process due to their various in-built tools and capacity to process high-resolution images. Some of the crucial adjustments during image editing […]

Photo Editing At The Newspaper Offices

Photo editing discussions can spark controversies at times, as different photographers and photo editing services will have different opinions on making changes on the pictures. From changing the skin tone of a person to cropping away extra pounds, different photo editors will have different opinions. However, photo editing companies and photographers will never have different […]

4 Benefits Of Editing Raw Photos For Photo Editing Services

You might have heard that after retouching, the stock images will be converted to JPEG format or other popular formats like TIFF and those have much lesser file size compared to RAW. While doing photo edits, editors have the freedom to sharpen and reduce the image grains to a considerable level in Adobe Lightroom if […]

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