Photo Retouching Services

How to Make your Business Card Professional and Authentic with Photo Edits

Each business card design implementation includes four aspects, namely orientation of the card, its size, customization, and the printing material. Business cards come in digital formats too, although most of them are printed with the name and business address of the professional who uses it for marketing purposes. Most of the business cards are of […]

4 Aspects Why Retouching and Commercial Makeup go Hand-in-Hand

Good photography can aid in the process of retouching a photograph in the best way possible. In the same way, even fashion makeup can inspire the editors to retouch the headshots of models with an eye for precision. Below are four aspects regarding how makeup goes a long way in retouching photos that are meant […]

Top 4 Creatively Unconventional Photo Manipulation Effects in Photoshop

Each photograph offers the editors endless opportunities to use tools in the software to create effects that capture the attention of the audience. The different image manipulation tools in Photoshop ensure that not all the images appear the same way. Below are some of the unconventional manipulative effects that gives a heft to an image. […]

The Need of Post Processing to Improve Images

 Post processing is the process of transforming images from what was captured in the camera to beautify it or to make it close to reality. There are various image editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom that can help in post processing images. Post processing involves many steps and they will change as per the need […]

Different Types of Filters Used in Photography

The application of certain tonal gradations or looks is something done in photo editing. This can fully alter the appearance of the image and make it more appealing. Often, such images find extensive usage in the publishing industry and on the web. Applying filters is one way that will change the overall appearance of the […]

Basics of Apparel Photo Editing and Retouching

There are actually three common ways to shoot apparels – flat, on a hanger or mannequin, and on a model. These images captured are then edited and retouched as needed (light, medium, or heavy levels of retouching). Outdoor apparels usually call for raw natural looks, while the luxury brands will need a glamorous appearance. Photo […]

Photo Retouching Services Offer Perfect Editing Of Images

Editing and improving an image is truly an art. Photo retouching services can help you to bring life into an old image, making use of techniques like retouching and gradation to make old images glow like new, where at times, a simple airbrushing can offer big changes to the appearance of images. The visual output […]

Where Do Professional Editors Use Luminosity Masking Feathers?

Out in the cold, they wait; in the downpour, they hope; and at night, they look upwards for clear blue skies. A photographer welcomes clear blue skies, especially if they are capturing a skyline photograph with an HDR cam. The best way forward for photographers to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) image is to bank […]

Shadowy And Reflective Product Photos Are Edited In Photoshop

The shadows and reflections are generated in stock photos through Photoshop, a popular product photo editorial software. Editors using Photoshop retain the quality of a product photo and keep the curb appeal of the same with professional touch. Why Product Photos Use Shadows And Reflections Sometimes in stock photography, imagery gets too dark due to […]

Fine Skin Retouching Techniques In Photoshop

When it is about skin retouching in Photoshop, professional photo editing services touch up face in more ways than one. If you are a relative newbie to professional photo editing, then you might have heard about luminosity masking, which turns normal human skin color into luminous good looking skin. The best and arguably the measured […]

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