Professional Picture Editing

Rendering an Image Transparent Using Photoshop

Rendering an image transparent, opens up myriad avenues to enhance the material you have in hand. One way forward from there, is combining pictures to make something new, or adding a largely transparent brand logo to an opaque image, like so many photo editing companies do. Many beginners to professional picture editing lack the knowledge […]

Different Approaches to Making the Most of a Hero Image

Most e-commerce or online stores and digital theme templates have one thing in common – a big, featured photo or series of pictures prominently displayed on their homepages. Often, they are referred to as “hero” or banner images. Regardless of what you call these digital photographs, they are one and the same and serve an […]

5 Common Product Photo Post-Production Mistakes to Avoid

In an age where applications and software used for professional photo editing service are aplenty, post-processing a product image has become one of the significant parts of the workflow of a photographer. Undoubtedly, photography is the most important phase in the making of a good quality image. It goes hand to hand with editing, of […]

3 Main Edits Required to Improve the Quality of a Jewelry Photo

While purchasing a product, a majority of online customers select an item with a high-quality photograph. While SEO and attractive product description bring customers to an e-commerce catalog page, the product images play a more important role in converting the desire into an actual sale. The image of a product is more likely to motivate […]

The Types of Photo Editing Processes and the Differences between Them

Businesses require photographs not only for online promotional purposes but also for offline uses. Professionally edited photos represent a brand’s personality and help to build its distinctiveness. This is what makes image editing, manipulation, and photo retouching an essential part of marketing, PR, and branding activities. In fact, this is the main reason why businesses […]

Top Eight Photo Editing Tasks with Subtle Nuances and Unique Uses

The primary objective of photo editing is to make an image look better than the actual shot. Besides, there are several other reasons to edit photos – it is subject to vary according to the industry or client who demands the same. However, these eight photo editing services are pretty much a necessity when it […]

When to Use Common File Formats When Editing Photos on a Software

The file format in which an editor saves a photograph will influence the quality of output after a series of edits. A professional picture editing software such as Adobe Photoshop offers plenty of file formats for that, but editors selectively save them in the right format. JPEG is the most popular file format for photographs […]

Ten Upcoming Photography Trends

With the profusion of emerging technologies for editing and filtering images, photography has evolved a lot during the time it has been around. Professional photographers and editors working at photo editing companies are ever willing and ready to try out the new professional picture editing techniques currently on the scene. Therefore, most people with a […]

A Beginners Guide to Basic Photo Editing

Photo editing has become very popular as edited pictures have very beautiful and realistic effects, which may not be present in the unedited pictures. People now seek the help of professional picture editing services who can make your pictures so stunning and attractive. By hiring such photo editing services, you can even make objects in […]

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