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Choosing a Background Color for Business Websites

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Choosing Background Color

It is true that most brands and businesses decide to play it safe when they are selecting a background for their image. In most cases, both small-scale and large-scale businesses choose to stick with a plain white website background with black colored text. This is a safe and good move, but the issue is that using such a website background will make your website seem normal and not unique.

It is true that the background of a website is only a single component of the site, but the image or color that you choose matters a lot. A recent survey indicated that approximately 93 percent of customers place appearance and color above other factors when they are making a buying decision. Likewise, about 85 percent internet users admitted that color is the primary factor they consider when buying a product.

It is significant to realize the fact that choosing a color for the background of your website is not just about making the site look pretty. If you wish to build an online reputation for your brand and want to acquire more prospective customers to your offerings, you will need to use a captivating color.

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It might come as a surprise to a businessperson when they hear the fact that color has the unique ability to lure in certain types of internet users to your products or services. However, it is a fact that the color that you have used on the official website of your business even persuades them to make a buying decision.

The Color to Choose

If your company or business is a producer of female-centric products or if women are your target audience, then it is best to use color with softer tones because it will capture the attention of women perfectly. On the other hand, if your target customers are mostly men, then using bolder colors on your website will help you to draw them to your offerings.

If you scroll through the web and visit the websites of different businesses, you will be able to see that majority of them have started to choose a darker visual for their business website. This is because dark-colored backgrounds are capable of offering a sleek and elegant look for business websites, especially when they are paired with high-resolution images of the products that your business is selling.