Common Special Effects Filters Used in Digital Photography

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Special Effects Filters

While taking a picture, photographers rely on various methods that involve manipulating the light to enhance the image. These in-camera techniques can alter the tone and mood of the image, thus creating a difference in the message conveyed by the picture. Even though the image is a simple portrait or a wide shot of a cityscape, the use of these techniques can really transform how it appears to the viewers. Photographers accomplish them by using various special effects filters.

These filters are attached to the front of the lens and can manipulate the light entering the camera, thus resulting in a different image captured. Normally, most photographers use filters such as a neutral density or polarizer that actually tweaks certain aspects of the image. On the other hand, special effects filters such as fog, cross star, multi-vision, and infrared can actually alter the mood of the image and thus make it creatively far superior. Some of the common special effects filters used for photography are described below.

Diffusion Filters

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Cross Star Filters

The use of a diffusion filter can render softness to the overall image. This is a prevailing trend now among photographers to create a soft look against the razor sharp images usually desired. Diffusion filters can help create certain artistic effects in camera rather than opting for professional picture editing. It can provide the images with a hazy dreamlike quality, and is thereby, perfect for capturing still life.

Cross Star Filters

Cross star filters is a kind of special effect filter that can moodily an incoming point of light into those of a star. These kinds of filters have a certain grid-like patterns on their surface that can manipulate the incoming light so that it appears like a pointed star. Cross star filters are useful in various lighting scenarios and can convert the image into an otherworldly fee. It is perfect for offering a lively and dreamlike quality to images captured of events like wedding or birthday parties.

Fog Filters

Fog filters are another commonly used special effects filter that can create the appearance of fog in an image. This filter functions by altering certain key properties of light such as contrast reduction that results in the incoming light to flare this creating the look of a natural flare. Fog filters are mainly used in landscape photography to amplify the fog and thus create a sense of humidity in the image.