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Comparing Deep Etching and Photoshop Masking Techniques

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Deep etching and image masking are two techniques used to remove the background of a photo. The objective of both is to separate the photo’s backdrop or isolate the main subject from the background. In the world of image manipulation, deep etching is amongst the well-known techniques to make cutout photos or vector images with the use of the Pen tool in Photoshop.

A vector path shape is drawn around the subject with the pen tool by joining a series of anchor points in Photoshop. The portions editors choose to include within the selection will form the cutout, and those outside it will get excluded from the photo once editors apply the clipping path.

Deep etching is ideally used for background removal if an image has a sharp and smooth edge. E-commerce product photos, such as that of books, apparels, toys, and so forth, are isolated with the vector path. However, that is not the only Photoshop tool used by editors to isolate the backdrop of the photo.

For instance, image masking is ideally preferred to image clipping if a headshot image necessitates complex editing like retouching the stray hair of a model. Photoshop masking involves an array of editing tools. Even a single photo may necessitate distinct image masking procedure and only experienced editors can perform it to perfection at one-go.

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Editors with years of practical knowledge in photo editing services will know the right means to straighten out hair imperfections. Background eraser tool, alpha channel masks, color separation technique, magic eraser tool, etc., are amongst the widely used for image masking. Working with such editing techniques and Photoshop tools necessitates more skill and patience than clipping path.

Removing the backdrop of a photo with masking is beneficial especially when the subject of the photo has plenty of small details and fine lines. Besides a model’s hair, even a stuffed animal’s fur may necessitate retouching. Moreover, there are other important differences to note between image masking and deep etching and they concern to service cost.

Deep etching is more affordable for e-commerce product photo editing to photo masking since the latter is slightly more specialized, and involves more feathered selections than the former. Clipping path service can be done with an image masking tool as well, but editors need plenty of layers to change the dynamics of the photo.