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Contrast and Brightness Enhancement Techniques Used by Photo Editing Services

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Contrast And Brightness Enhancement

Various properties of the image serve a key role in its appearance. Brightness and contrast are some major image properties that can considerably influence the overall aesthetic appeal of a photograph. Maintaining a proper balance of brightness and contrast is essential in an image to create a sufficient exposure throughout the image. Due to their importance, it is used creatively in professional picture editing to alter the overall tone and feel offered by an image.

Photo editing services utilize the brightness and contrast adjustments of images to its maximum. This enables them to significantly improve the quality of the digital image. It adds a sense of professional look to any image, thereby making it presentable across all kinds of medium. A properly adjustment brightness and contrast values can cause the image to bear a certain balance in the tone that conveys a certain appeal to the viewers.


Contrast refers to the differences between the different tones present in an image. A perfectly maintained contrast makes an image appear balanced that creates a certain appeal to it. Mostly the output of digital cameras tends to cause imperfections in the contrast and brightness levels. The images then need various adjustments especially in the brightness and curves in order to create a uniform illumination and balance of color tones within the image.

Professional photo editing achieves this optimum balance in brightness and contrast by relying on several techniques in a photo editing software. Some of them are described below.

Adjusting the Curves

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Adjusting The Curves

The adjustment of the curves is the most basic step carried out by most professional picture editing services to alter the contrast as well as the brightness of an image. It is a powerful tool available in professional image editing tools like Photoshop. The curves refer to a graphical diagonal line with the upper right representing the highlights and the lower left representing the shadows. This line is adjusted by placing the point at different positions to obtain a careful balance of the highlights and shadows thereby resulting in the right contrast and brightness.

Dodging and Burning

Dodging and burning is yet another technique used in professional photo editing. This process, when applied, can selectively lighten or darken specific portions of an image. It functions by altering key properties of an image and photo editing services uses them to obtain the right balance to the contrast and brightness levels in the image.

Using Apply Image

Apply Image is a function in Photoshop used by professional picture editing services to adjust the contrast and brightness levels. It involves creating different layers and can also be applied to the main image. Apply Image is also used to enhance the color of flattened images.